Response 4

I think that I am self concussions about my ideas as artist. I always wonder is this gonna apes to others? Or what if I fail over all I do think you have to give it the nothing to lose attitude. I think it makes you able to try everything and  gets you thinking of all the opportunities, but you have to  be careful you don’t get lost and time management becomes an issue.

Reading 3

A way I can better my self as an artist is to learn about other artist and how they do things. Anything from videos to podcast writings to lectures can help me progress as a aspiring artist.

As a photographer, now it is important for me to study other photographers and learn from them. A lot of the times I go and get their picture books and look at their techniques and pick from it.

Personal /Reflection

I make choices by thinking this out and deciding between A and B. Is does depend on the circumstance because things may not all ways be best for the situation.

You know when something is good or working when it does the job it was designed to do. If it is not then you know the object is not right.

To rework something you take steps back and go back to point where you may have gone wrong. In all honesty it is all trial and error.

Circle Project-xs07mo

Artist Vs. Designer

In my opinion there is no difference between artist and designer. To be able to design a new idea or a craft you have to be able to be creative and artistic to express your ideas. So when someone ask me if I am a artist or a designer I simply can not give a simple answer. It is something complex in which I see myself as both an artist and a designer  because without one the other would not exist.

Final Mock up book

img_1350When doing this book I was helping other students with printing who was having trouble. I found that by doing this it helped me when doing my printing because by time I printed mine out printing wise I had no trouble. I witnessed other peoples book be completed cropped or the orientation be wrong and I helped them figure out what was wrong. We all go to learn together what was wrong. When it came to stapling I was a little off  but when it came to cutting i had a hard time a lab monitor helped me but she didn’t really do a good job explaining how things worked so I messed up some. As you can see in the picture some whit is still visible and the cutting was semi crooked.

Extra credit blog

The two Girls that last came in to talk to us was really cool. I especially found interest in the one who got a job at Kendra Scott.

It was cool to see that her perserverance really did pay off. She contacted so many people in the end it all worked out for her. Even though she says she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life I think where she is at is pretty amazing for being so young.

After the seminar I took a moment to go talk to her about interning at Kendra Scott. She told me it was tough to get in but I am wanting to work hard so that this summer i can get the position. It is really cool for me to see all these guest speakers and see where they have been and basically sitting in the same spot I am in and how far they have come. It gives me hope that that WILL be me in 5 years from now.

Blog Post 12

At first I didn’t really find this seminary really useful. I felt like it was just to teach us how to study and deal with college, but this is a visual seminar which I thought it was supposed to give us a new look on how we see art. I wish it would have been more like that. In the end though I liked most of the presenters we had and found a lot of them to be inspiring in a way. I felt kinda bad for the game studies kids because they didn’t have many presenters. As being a photo major and graphics minor it really benefited me to see both sides of photography and graphics and the different directions I could go. If I could recommend one thing that could be different for further years I would say the first part of the semester not so so much teaching about how to send your time or how to study. I think it would be more beneficial to teach more about the structures of art.

Mock up book


The more I got into the book the more I got inspired by my little brother. When it came to sequencing I began to think as he would. I even went as far as asking him to help me make up the story line. After I completed my book I see a few minor problems. My cutting was off a little bit and my folding could be better. Over all at this point I am pretty happy with the book.

Blog post 11

Bills Pictures were really inspiring. I love looking at his work and interpreting it. It was really cool to see what possible things that I could do in the future.

As for Hollis it amazed me on how big of projects she does and how far she goes to get it done. I love the fact that she uses her past as her inspiration.

Joe Made me laugh when he said he didn’t consider himself an artist because sometimes it is hard for me to do the same thing.

Alex gave me a new look on to things especially the fact that her and Hollis share a studio together.

I really like Tammie and how she uses everyday items to create abstract pieces that make you want to touch them but you really can’t.

Over all it really inspired me that they all could do what they loved and still teach their craft to others. It really is amazing that they chose to do this with their lives. they really do all impact us and it is a wonderful thing.

My five year plan

I hope after college to apprentice under someone or even work with my internship for a long term. While doing that I hope to do lots of free lancing. While I do not plan on living in Austin my life I hope to travel and take my camera with me and impact the world with my photography. Even maybe one day have a magazine similar to National Geographic.

I believe that all I need to do this is have faith in myself and never lose sight of the end goal. Taking everything I have learned and applying it. Getting resources and keeping good contacts will also be very important as well.


braydens-book-indd-copyNow that I am laying it all out my creativity is being to flow. I almost feel like I want to continue working on the book after I am done. I love the font that I found it reminds me of a frog.  I am also starting to think more about the story line and re writing somethings. I decided that I am dedicating this book to my little brother who inspires me everyday to do the art that I do.