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The stereotype that black people can’t really play country music is more of a casual racist problem in our world. I am not saying it isn’t a problem, but it seems like nothing that not many people really care about or get riled up about. Kiwanuka ends up changing his song from country to more of a soul tune and it does end up sounding better in my opinion, but I still think that it’s a problem that because he’s black he’s not “supposed” to play country music.

I always think it’s interesting to listen to the progression of the making of a song, and that’s kinda what this podcast was. My brother is a musician, and when we both still lived at home and not at college, I could hear the progression of a song from it’s birth into when it becomes a true song instead of a collection of chords. Comparing the original country song prototype with the published video is very interesting to hear. Hearing it progress from country to soul by inclusion of things like gospel soul singers shows his cultural identity as a black man, and I believe it is important to embrace your culture, which the song does very well.

One of the things he was very worried about was saying “in a white world”, that people would find him racist or prejudiced because of saying white so many times to make it seem almost repetitive. I don’t really think it’s a problem to say something like that, or racist or anything. I think it is akin to saying something like “I’m a woman in a man’s world” which nobody has any problems with (well some people do but they’re an outlier), so I think that this song overall doesn’t deserve any criticism for it’s lyrics.

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