Creativity and Making_Brackage

I am not sure if there was not any sound purposefully or if it was a mistake on YouTube’s part, because reading some of the YouTube comments didn’t really make much sense, unless they were referencing one of Brackage’s other works that I wasn’t aware of. However, I will say that I think it is a cool artistic choice for there not to be any sound, as there is not any sound in space, where this video “takes place”. The name stellar confirms that, and to me, it looked so chaotic but beautiful, almost like it was the creation of our universe. With all of the lights moving extremely fast and the art being almost abstract in a way, what is actually going on is left up to the viewer. All that we know is that it is in some way supposed to represent stars from the title.

But I actually like that more abstract feeling in the art. When something is spelled right out for you, you tend to not spend as much time thinking on it. After all why would you need to if everything is just spelled out for you right there? I think this is what Brackage is going for. Overall I really liked this video, and I watched it multiple times and in both slow motion and double speed.

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