Midterm Essay: Graphic Design 1

Practice time: In my case I believe my practice time is in both the assignments I do in class, as well as projects I work on in my free time. I find that with class time and work, I find little time to commit to the projects I make for myself but find enough time to get my class assignments done. My practice time is definitely a bit uneven, due to the unpredictable nature of my job. However I use the time i specifically set aside to complete class work to do just that. In that way my class work gets done, and that practice time could be considered even, but my personal projects only get attention when I find time between class and work. Work takes up more of my time than I’d like, but I have to pay rent so….

Sophistication: I believe as far as sophistication is concerned, I achieve a happy medium level. I believe my awareness is there far more than it used to be just by nature of practice, but that i definitely have a long way to go before I’m satisfied completely. My design work lacks depth, which at least I’m aware of, but can’t really find where to pull that depth from. I want my work to get farther off of the page than it currently is.

Feedback: I really appreciate feedback, especially that of my peers, as I feel that we all share a sort of ‘inexpertise’ that when put together forms a sort of expertise. This is where I feel I also do most of my learning so this feedback is very important to me.

Level of Challenge: I believe the classes I am currently taking are a pretty challenging for me. They push the boundaries of my knowledge of design and expand my knowledge. In my own work I attempt to challenge myself, but at times do fall into my usual patterns of what I find comfortable. I do however do projects in my own time that expand on what I have learned in class, as a way to get more comfortable with techniques we used in class.

Expert Experiences: I have done graphic design work for campus ministries. I have also recently been asked to draw/design tattoos for friends and family. I guess those fall under “other stuff”, but if I had more time I would like to do more things that would be considered expert experience.

Social Emotional Development: This is where my pattern of mediocrity takes a turn for the worst. I am super not okay. Like at all. I’m a ball of anxiety and depression expected to support myself while also going to school??? At times I feel like I’m certifiable. And I’m expected to not only go to class everyday, but go to work to be able to pay for it. It takes a toll on my already socially underdeveloped self. I have friends and have formed a ‘support group’ with my classmates, but that’s about it for me socially. So I guess my development falls under that of “young” or “out of control”.

Climate: I believe despite my emotional issues, I manage to make the best of class and add to the climate in a positive way, especially among my group of friends in the class. I really enjoy the class and enjoy being a part of it. It makes me feel a little less alone, so I like to make the best of it and participate.

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