Congress Photos Round II

Congress Photos Reflection II

During my latest adventure down to south Congress I continued to focus in on my theme of people in transit. I decided to shoot in the morning to see if I could catch a different variety of light and subject matter. As I walked further north I could hear a strange drum beat reverberating off the restaurants and shops. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from but I figured I would find out soon enough. The drumming was getting louder as I continued to walk and I could tell I was close to the origin of the sound. When I passed by Perla’s sea food restaurant I saw the culprit. A small shirtless, wild eyed man was playing a djembe drum. He said his name was Pound and he was out on congress every day providing music for people on their morning commute. Every one of these people in the photographs has a story and it is interesting to interact and observe them in their daily routine.

1st YR Seminar – Articles, Ted Talk, and Grit

Artists and Entrepreneurs Articles

1     What are the main points of each article?

The first article talks about artists and their increasing usefulness in the corporate work place. The second article draws similarities to artists and entrepreneurs, stating that they both groups have a similar spirit and excel at creative problem solving.

2     What can artists learn from their “entrepreneurial cousins”?

I think artists can learn to focus in on a single piece or aspect of their work or business in order to have it become a more successful operation.

3    Do you agree that artists are entrepreneurs? why?

Yes, many artists are entrepreneurs, they turn their craft or skill into a business. I think that takes a lot of self drive and the ability to take risks to follow your passion.

4     Which of the 12 characteristics of artists do you agree with?

I agree with all twelve of the proposed characteristics of artists. My favorite is Artists are comfortable with ambiguity. Artists are frequently faced with making decisions on how something looks or feels and these critiques are often not quantifiable.

5     What others would you add to the list?

I would add that Artists are willing to make mistakes and learn from them. Artists undaunted by adversity. Artists love a challenge.

6     Additional thoughts.

I think both articles were well written and very kind to current and future artists. Highlighting the way an artist thinks is not an easy task but I think they broke it down systematically and gave good evidence to prove their point.

Ted Talk and Grit Test

1     Do you have grit, or is this something you need to work on?

According to the grit test I’m grittier than 70% of the US. I think everyone could always use a little more grit in their life. I hate leaving things unfinished and I think that drives me to push and get projects finished.

2     List a couple of things you could do to increase your level of grit.

In order to increase my grit I should keep a better calendar. Make lists of long term and short term goals and make weekly checks to see if I’m hitting my marks.

Congress Photos Round I

Congress Photos Reflection I

When I made my way down to Congress between Oltorf and Cersar Chavez I noticed a major theme. Everyone was on the way somewhere commuting to work or school or just out for exercise. These people traveling and moving around each other made for interesting subject matter so I decided to see how many different photos I could take of that process. I hope to get more images for this same conceptual theme.

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay:
Amy Tan – Where does creativity come from?

The Ted Talk featuring Amy Tan was interesting and abstract. She used her own personal feelings and experiences to fuel her imagination to create settings as well as characters for her novels. Her outlook on luck, chance and mysticism was refreshing and out of the ordinary. Losing her father and brother to brain tumors at a young age was an extremely tragic event that shaped the way she looks at the world. Instead of obsessing over the reason for their untimely deaths, she used that sad event to help her better understand the seemingly random coincidences of life. Ms. Tan gave vividly compelling insight into the seemingly random places her mind found that creative spark. I especially liked how she ended the presentation by opening a black bag and revealing her “muse” a small Yorkie.

Flusser Vilem – The Photograph

The essay shows the two opposing forces of Human and machine. Humans attempting to tame the machine and extract a beautiful, thoughtful, well composed image from a hunk of metal. The machine is simply trying to record the most refined image and accurate reflection of whatever happens to be in front of the lens as the shutter snaps open and closed. Mr. Vilem goes on to talk about the struggle of the critic to decode photographs and discern the photographer’s true intention as well as the desired effect they want the image to have on the viewer. He presents each photograph as a competition between the camera and the photographer to leave their imprint. Vilem romanticizes the photographers’ efforts to inject a bit of self into each picture and bend the will of the machine to depict their interpretation of the world. He believes this clash fuels the technology, which furthers the camera to achieve its ultimate goal of taking a more honest photograph.