Blog Post #10

Nate and Anne are independent game designers working on their passion project called Wildermyth. Anne has a background in art and has worked for game making companies in the past. Nate has a background in game design and has worked for several different game companies. Building your own game the way they are doing it seems very challenging. The financial hardship of investing in something and not knowing weather or not you will see a return is daunting. With children in the picture, I’m sure it feels difficult to justify the amount of time spent on the Wildermyth project because at the moment it does not provide for their family.

I enjoyed the presentation. The art direction that Anne brings to each scene in the game is vivid and dynamic. I like the 2.5D world that they have created for their characters, it reminds me of the feel and look of a board game. I also like the characters she built and the different attributed they have been given. If this game ever comes out and is playable online I will probably check it out.


How have you been able to generate income using the skills that you learned in an academic setting.

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