Blog Post #9

Alumni Presentations

The first presentation was given by Alejandro who worked for SXSW gaming. He talked about different positions and rolls within gaming the industry. Alejandro harped on passion, craft, immersion and iteration. His presentation was interesting and gave insight into the profession of gaming.

Next was Anthony, a talented art director who had done a majority of his work during his internship for a testicular cancer awareness group. He created lots of amusing ads and graphic designs to spread the word about how to check yourself for testicular cancer. He talked about selling his work online through skill share, etsy, creative market and other sites.

The last presentation was done by Edith who had been helping and learning from Jimmy in the Risograph Lab. Most of her work had a Mexican American influence. ¬†She showed us a mural project she had done on a piece of wood for her senior thesis. She told us about her trip to Mexico with Tuan and Jimmy and her upcoming trip to New York. She also outlined a social project she had been working on that revolved around environmental efforts. She mentioned that she also used skill share to sell her work online. Edith also talked about the “soul sucking” work she had found herself doing and admitted that advertising work was not for her.

I was surprised that despite the obvious talent and passion Anthony and Edith posses, they were still searching for employment. I believe this highlights the competitive nature of the Austin job market and how qualified talented artists can still have a hard time finding work in this town. Overall the presentations were interesting and their work was very good.


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