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For graphic design, my class was tasked to create three symbols to represent an idea. I chose a mobile pet salon in which dog owners can quickly wash off their pets after they’ve played at the dog park before getting back into the car. This project was made by creating iterations of traced, stylized, and […]

In my time at St. Edwards, I’m not exactly sure how many expert hours I have gained here, but I do know that in my graphic design experience as a whole, that I am gaining hours quickly. I am always designing, both during and outside of class. Even when I am not designing, I am […]

According to these readings, design is a way to create and form, a question to be answered or solved, as well as a means to deceive. Though these definitions sound vastly different, they are still closely related to one another, as design can be described as the process of creating a deception in order to […]

The guidelines for different projects are set simply by the project’s purpose. An artist’s purpose for a project, for example, may be a critique on an issue, in which, the guidelines would be set by the message that the artist is trying to portray, and prioritized by the effectiveness of each part of the artwork […]

Line: a long, thin mark. Includes implied lines, actual lines, cross-contours, and psychic lines Shape: an enclosed drawing that takes up space Texture: having physical or illusionary qualities of texture, represented, visual, and physical Value: proportions of brightness Color: hue, saturation, and value Plane: a 3D space with little to no thicknesses Volume: an enclosed […]

My project is a study on line and how it exists within a certain, finite time through drawing. Drawing makes an interesting subject for the purpose of showing time because even though the drawing will be left behind as proof of the action, the action itself ceases to exist.

As stated by Norman Potter in “Is a Designer am Artist,” “A designer works through and for other people.” Designers exist to create the physical, digital, and sometimes even metaphorical idea or aspect of a particular idea, and an idea cannot be created without outside influence of others, thus, a designer is always working for […]

I chose bubble wrap because I have a fascination with translucent objects, so I knew that I wanted to use something translucent, and as I considered what materials to use, and I considered how transparent the object was, the object’s texture, shape, and flexibility. I decided on bubble wrap when I realized that bubble wrap […]

This course has been very interesting to me and provided me with useful knowledge on opportunities both here at St. Edwards, and in future careers. At first I found the class pointless because I didn’t quite see the value in it, but as I continued with the class I began to find it relaxing in […]

I was at first fascinated by Bill’s work, as I didn’t quite know what to make of its’ abstract nature. As he talked more about the process he used to make each piece, I really began to appreciate the uniqueness of his work. I found Hollis’ work interesting as well, due to the sheer size […]

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