Graphic Design midterm assignment

In my time at St. Edwards, I’m not exactly sure how many expert hours I have gained here, but I do know that in my graphic design experience as a whole, that I am gaining hours quickly. I am always designing, both during and outside of class. Even when I am not designing, I am thinking about my next project or looking for inspiration for whatever that project may be. Despite this, I do realize I tend to get a little distracted when it comes to classwork. I’d rate my use of practice time as uneven.


As I said in my earlier paragraph, I spend a lot of time thinking about and working on graphic design projects, so I like to think that my work has a level of sophistication that reflects that time. I would rate the sophistication of my work as high.


I try my best to utilize feedback to the best of my ability and never discard any criticism before thinking it over thoroughly, but I occasionally have issues discerning feedback that I don’t necessarily have to follow from feedback that is best to follow. I would rate my use of feedback as useful.


While I push myself out of my comfort zone on a regular basis to try to experiment with new ideas, I don’t think I necessarily challenge myself enough, mostly because I’m unsure of how to challenge myself further. I would rate the level I challenge myself as medium.


As I mentioned in my first few paragraphs, my time outside of class is most often spent coming up with new ideas, or researching them. I draw almost every day, and of those days, I spend the majority of them designing, whether it be a character design, a layout, or a graphic design project. I would rate my other expert experiences as lots of extra stuff.


I would consider my social emotional development in this class as mature because I feel that I am able to make as well as receive feedback well.


I believe that my contribution to the classroom could be ranked as room temperature. I usually always have something I want to add to the discussion, but I have a difficult time articulating exactly what I want to say, so I don’t contribute quite as much as I would like.

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