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Lockett III Final

Here it is.

Lockett Story III First Draft

  “My family is directly targeted, and my community is directly targeted, and it’s very, very fucking scary,” said Muna Hussaini, sitting outside a bookstore on a park bench in the dark of the November evening. Hussaini, who works for… Continue Reading →

Story II Lockett This has the potential to be a very interesting story. A couple of points: This story needs to answer one simple question: Why are we reading it? What is it about this story that is generally compelling? Why does… Continue Reading →

Lockett Story III Pitch

Tenatively, story of SSgt Michael Burns and his wife’s difficulties concieving, both naturally and artificially, over a period of years, in a religious and cultural community that actively shuns artificial means of conception.

Interviews (Polling Station, 1 Nov.)

Roger Ramirez “I just needed to get this done.” Said he chose to vote here because it was close and convenient. Doesn’t live around here, exactly. Wouldn’t necessarily vote here again. Dr. Mary Rist Voted here for convenience- was worried… Continue Reading →

Story 2 Draft- Lockett

Julie Bryant “I’m not happy.” Born 20 Sept 1966. Parents… dead? Lived in Kansas City. Adopted. Older brother, sister. Majored in Dance at University of Missouri- Kansas City. Fast forward. Dancing in Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 1989. At the time,… Continue Reading →

Story 1, Final Draft- Lockett

Lockett second draft

Anna Green Story Timeline/Slideshow (Linked to sections listed below. Date, event, short explanation. Intro (introduction of Green. Mention Mason. Mention DUI. Mention current circumstances.) Anna Green is a frank and candid in discussing the events of her mistake. An ex-classmate… Continue Reading →

Lockett Spotlight

The journalists in spotlight attack the problem from a number of different angles. Court cases and legal documents form one avenue of attack. Interviews from both the abused, and in the case of that one retired priest, the abusers, form… Continue Reading →

Lockett Pitch 2

Next story concerns Julie Bryant, who, while engaged to her former fiancee, cheated on him, fucked that all up, and now lives a mediocre existence struggling to make ends meet at 50 outside of her native colorado.

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