After wandering around searching for a way into a clemency story, I’ve shifted gears. Instead, I want to do a story on public access TV here in town. Who on earth is watching a public access show at 5:20 am? I’m not too sure, but I know that the “Big Daddy G Show” is on during this time. Austin Film Society is who funds these shows, and they vary quite a bit. I’m hoping to speak to someone who currently hosts a show.

I also know that Matt Dillahunty hosts “The Atheist Experience” which is a show that’s mainly discussion with opportunities for people to call in. One of these people ended up being Dillahunty’s wife.

I’ll find out who runs the show at AFS
I’ll sift through a few other shows to see which one would be interesting to write about.
I’ll also get in touch with Matt Dillahunty and his wife to learn about their experience in meeting each other and eventually, ending up together.