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November 2016

OBRIEN STORY 3 – Draft 1

Initially I wanted to stay on my beat (or at least beat adjacent) but on Monday I changed my mind. Instead of writing about the demand for programmers and developers across all corporate spectrums I would like to write or… Continue Reading →

Lopez Story 3

After wandering around searching for a way into a clemency story, I’ve shifted gears. Instead, I want to do a story on public access TV here in town. Who on earth is watching a public access show at 5:20 am?… Continue Reading →

mayberry medium draft 3

Lockett Story III First Draft

  “My family is directly targeted, and my community is directly targeted, and it’s very, very fucking scary,” said Muna Hussaini, sitting outside a bookstore on a park bench in the dark of the November evening. Hussaini, who works for… Continue Reading →

Ibarra Story 3 Draft

Bear with me bc my interviewees weren’t available due to traveling for the holidays. Here is a rough outline: Introduce David Sollee Where he is now in life plays 4-5 shows a week Makes a living as a musician The… Continue Reading →

Crown Story 3 Draft- Why are textbooks so expensive at the bookstore

Along with limited parking, unsatisfactory food and tuition, the price of textbooks at the bookstore is one of the most angering issues for students. When compared to online retailers like Amazon and Chegg, the St. Edward’s bookstore sells some textbooks… Continue Reading →

draft story 3 mayberry

Story 3 Draft – Gonzalez

From the very first week that we stepped into this class, I wanted to focus on the sports beats so that I could share the story of men’s basketball head coach Andre Cook. Once we had free reign, I started… Continue Reading →

Story 3 Draft – CUNEO

Title: Why Baby Boomers’ Retirement Is Something We Should Be Talking About Medium: Sound Nut Graph: Baby boomers’ retirement is one of the country’s biggest issues affecting Americans, 76 million in fact and it has been 70 years in the… Continue Reading →

Pitch 3 Mayberry- Silent protest This will be a story about the protest and will include interviews from the organizations involved.  

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