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September 2016

Story 1 Pitch

1HarmReduction – will do a profile on the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition. This program seeks to prevent infections and to educate people about HIV and HCV. In addition, they go throughout the city offering clean needles and doses of an… Continue Reading →


Short Term Lease Laws – Airbnb is one of the most accessible tools of the new sharing economy. However, to legally list your property on their site in the city of Austin you must first acquire a Short Term Lease License…. Continue Reading →

Lockett Pitch 1

GREENDUI- Green, former classmate from GMU, was in the process of being pulled over for a DUI stop when her actions also got her charged with assaulting the officer. Had to spend some weeks in prison as a result. Not… Continue Reading →

BS1: Ibarra Pitch

1ArtistsMakingItinATX- I want to investigate if artists can “make it” in Austin. I will interview local artists and find out who’s staying, who’s leaving, and why. If they’re leaving, I want to know where they’re going–I want to see if there… Continue Reading →

Mayberry pitch 1

JOURNEY TO THE THIRD COAST – As one of the fastest growing cities in America, people, mostly young professionals, are flocking to Austin.  But there is another demographic moving here in an attempt to start over. This is a story… Continue Reading →

Cuneo- Story Pitch 1

A Look Into CABRA : I am going to do a story on CABRA, St. Edward’s University magazine. I want to understand what goes into the picking of models and why they choose who they choose. If I am able… Continue Reading →

GONZÁLEZ Pitch – Story #1

ATHLETEHOMETOWNS – Each country has a certain style of play, and different regions within Texas have different advantages when playing sport. I want to use an interactive map to make a chart showing where our men’s soccer players are from… Continue Reading →

Crown Pitch-Story 1

1MUSLIMLIFE- I am going to be doing a day in the life video story in which I tell the story of how Muslim students at St. Edward’s University are able to keep up with the demands of their religion in… Continue Reading →

Beat and source list: Heath

I am going to cover Religion in Austin. Here is my source list:   I want to cover this church.    

Welcome to the class blog

Hi all, As discussed in class, you will post the drafts of your three big stories along with any other unedited writing/content producing you do here on this blog (sign in with your SEU username and password). You will post… Continue Reading →

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