’18 Mid-Term Assessment

As of now I would say I’m at around 50 hours, which is less than what I expected to be at around mid-term.

I still have the same ideas about “sophisticated” work, which is something that is simple enough to understand and has clean lines and isn’t an eye sore. What is most sophisticated about my weather report would be that all the icons are connected to one another and seem to be very cohesive.

I got to learn more in depth about AfterEffects, having known only some basics about it coming into the semester. Have been able to use my skills in creating icons, and graphics from Graphic Design 1 and knowing placement and the best design when using type came form Type 1. And with the next assignment it will only continue to grow from my previous knowledge.

How this project related to typography, it seemed to be mostly about graphics and AfterEffects so I fail to see how it was more in depth about typographic matters.

I have honestly never thought of my other projects compared to this own. If I was to assign a level of value on a scale from 1 to 10 it would be around a 8. Two other projects that would be relative to this own would be the article booklets and the matchbox project. The article booklets I would value higher because they had so many components placed into one and had to focus on a overall cohesiveness while the matchbox project I would value lower than the Weather Report because it was less components but it all had to fit into the theme based on the surroundings of the movie it was to be placed in to.

I would say 50% is on me, 25% is on the teacher and 25% is on my peers. I feel I could have brought more in the beginning of the semester but I was having some issues and had a hard time focusing and getting motivation.

End Term Assessment

To be considered excessive I would say roughly 20 hours or over, since most people have more than one class per week and that can be overwhelming. Only working for one hour per week is definitely not enough to create ‘sophisticated’ work. I would say per week I’m sitting at around 10 hours per week on average.

Next level would be having everything spaced out evenly, have three dimensional icons and have multiple layers of depth specifically in the map area. In general for graphic design I think it would be going beyond the requirements, making something completely original and wasn’t boring to look at and can actually make you feel a certain emotion.

Some of the most meaningful feedback was when I was told to completely change the approach to the layout of my critical thinking map in a new way, it made it turn out so much nicer than it was.(Before was more of like a upside down bar graph with the icons of tea and now it has intersecting lines of symptoms pointing to the different tea) But I still have some cleaning up to do on that.

The only other things related to design I have done is just doodling and drawing on my free time (When I have it.)

It impacted it in a positive way…it allowed me to interact with people, be social, expand my mind a bit in thinking of all the new skills I have learned and I was proud of what I have done in the class. Although it does add on a bit of stress…and I already have stress since I take care of the whole house and two dogs and pretty much do everything at the house…

The most ideal environment to me is when it is comfortable, everyone is welcoming and will talk to you and don’t discriminate or make it feel like the whole class is just full of cliques. I ¬†contributed by being open and talking to people when I could, I was nice and offered someone my opinion on their work when they asked me and I believe I added a positive factor into the classroom. Hmm…pinpointing to a physical location would be in the Trustee Lab as Noelle asked me to look at her work and I helped her to fix it and gave her my opinions (which luckily you did not hate what I told her to do).


Mid-Term Assessment


Personally for my ‘expert hours’ it would be all of the time I have put toward my graphic design degree, all of the time I have spent drawing assignments or creating something on my own time. My ‘expert hours’ or as I see it, my own experience and time that I have put in has helped me out by being a good reference and practice for what has to come in this latest project. I have put in around the same amount of work every week, at least three hours toward this one specific class and refining my techniques and approach toward a goal of creating a project.

My work I believe is rather understandable, it is visually readable and clean and not hard to look at.So in my eyes my work is indeed sophisticated. It isn’t the best out there but it also isn’t the worst, I always have room for improvement and I am open to always making it better and having it become even more sophisticated than it already is.

When I hear feedback, weather it is praise or something I need to fix or work on, I listen with a open mind and take in everything that is said. I then go and take what is said and improve my work, I never take it personally that someone didn’t like my work, I only just make it better and try and response to the feedback as best I can be editing my design.

I try to challenge myself everyday, by making something that isn’t the first thing that pops into my head. I try to not levitate to only my style of work and I attempt to mix it up and make something that I myself may not necessarily like but others see it as a success. I can always challenge myself more and I think I should, cause in that way I will improve even more.

The other experiences I have had in my life toward designing is all the countless artworks I have drawn for people, the tattoo I designed for me and my mom and all the other graphic design classes I have taken in my previous school. All of these experiences contribute toward my progression and intensity level of designing.

I see myself as mature for my age, and being in a very high working environment has helped me stay more mature and focus on what is important. By being able to set deadlines for myself and push myself, force myself to improve and critique my own work. It is very helpful and I think my inner social level is improving because of the classes I am taking.

I always try to help everyone around me, be welcoming to anyone who talks to me and always provide positive feedback and compliment people when I see fit. For example just the other day I was helping Noel with her project and the vinyl cutter as she was confused so I did what I could to help her. In this sense I think I positively add to the overall classroom environment.