1. My greatest strengths in Large Camera include: My persistence to try and keep trying until I get something I like.

2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Refine my technique in using the view camera.

1. My greatest strengths in History of Photography include: Keeping up with the work.

2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Read and make sure that all the required reading and videos are watched.

1. My greatest strengths in Visual Studies include: being open to learning new and old information.

2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Keep doing the work.

1. My greatest strengths in Writing in the Media Age include: Is the interaction and executing of all the required work.

2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Complete all the projects due.

1. My greatest strengths in Studio include: My previous knowledge of studio lights.

2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Continue to try new techniques.


1. My greatest strengths in 1st Year Seminar include: my attendance.

2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Keep up with the blog post.

Computer skills:

1. My computer skills include: A lot of the Adobe Creative Suite and word processing software.

2. I still need to learn: to be proficient in Premier Pro and Audition.

Research & writing skills:

1.   My greatest strengths as a researcher/writer include: The ability to create a story line.

2. I need to work on these aspects of research and writing: Grammar and style

3. I learn best & accomplish most when: I am excited about what I am doing


The class I struggle most in is Seminar because it is a deceptively easy class.

Need to keep up with blog post

Need to write blogs in a timely manner

Need to post blogs in a timely manner

Need to research blogs in a timely manner

Need to be more proactive in this class

Need to complete and proof my blogs

Need to make a more intriguing blag

Need to devote more time to the blogs

Need to write a blog or two into the future if possible

Need to post the blogs

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The St. Edwards Art department has a variety of degrees that we can pursue. In seminar some upperclasswomen came in and talked to us about their experience in their respective degree.

Clara is in photo communications and is an amazing photographer. She talked about her dedication to her craft with amazement and delight. She is very involved in traditional forms of photography large format and film an art that seems to be disappearing. She truly loves what she does and does and is pursuing it.

Michelle De Santiago is a visual artist and is working at a community latino center. She was very interested in what she does but was very involved in work, even recruiting for them. She incorporates what she likes to do into her daily work.

Hannah King is a graphic designer who is proud of her accomplishments here at St. Edwards. She was a novice when she started and now has developed her skills to be productive in her desired field. She seems to be very enthusiastic in what the future lays out for her.

http://www.onioncreekproductions.com/ Onion Creek Productions website is strait to the point they are showcasing their work from the initial page. You can navigate to projects and information but you see what their skill level is on the first page. 

https://www.charliewaite.com/ Charlie Waite is a landscape photographer and from the first impression of his page you know what he has to offer. It is a simple page with clearly defined tabs that guide you to what you need. The page is also showcasing his work from the initial loading of the page.

http://www.edwards-media.com/ Their website is very unique as you scroll down the page you see projects they have worked on. If you place your cursor on the projects they highlight and give you a link to that projects page. You can also scroll down and see more information on the company.

http://matteivisuals.com/ This page is also very interactive but you see the quality of work you get from the initial download. There is a lot of information and examples of his work.

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The Gestalt Project

One of our assignment in Visual Studies is to photograph the Gestalt principles on South Congress. So we all took to the streets to capture everything that South Congress or SoCo has to offer. At a glance, the assignment is easy enough take photos that show containment, grouping, and closure to name a few principles. After everyone went out to shoot, and we started to share ideas most pictures look the same. We all took photos of the same objects that peaked our interest.

After the professors individually critiqued our images they made us question what how we see the world. My thought process was I have to shoot his let me take pictures that show this and go from there. The question posed to me was how to stand out in a sea of many. We are all creative people, so how do I stand out.

I never really considered myself an art student or artist I’m a photographer. I quickly realize that the sooner I lose that notion of myself the more I will absorb and create.

We had to present our work and view everyone else’s, work. After a couple of presentations, it is easy to see who took the time to shoot multiple times and who just threw something together. You see the people who consider themselves “artist” shot once, colorized and image and said it was interesting. The artist who did not know how to use the equipment but went out several times and created interesting pieces. It is about learning and experiencing through the process that is laid before you.

Out of about two hundred and fifty images, I narrowed it down to five, and I am presenting two to you. My picture of a margarita has a lot of Gestalt principles, but the reason I enjoy this image is its simplicity. It is a margarita in a plastic cup. How can I make this photo better? The highlights are too high on the left side of the cup. There could be more color in the negative space of lighter on the right side of the foreground, not a lot just enough to make it pop. The composition altered to create better lines, so your eye flows through the image.

The flower and mug have more color and texture throughout the frame. This image would benefit from a more purposeful dynamic composition. This photo would benefit from more texture in the dark color. The contrast between the colors makes it an attractive image. The triangle formed by the background to the flower and then the mug. The image has the separation between foreground, middle, and background.

Before I settled with these images, I shot well over three hundred photos. Gestalt was in many of those photos, but to me, these were the most interesting.


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Grit, Art and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and artist have many similar characteristics because they are both creating something meaningful to themselves. It is a process that drives them to start a business or a project. In the article “What Entrepreneurs can Learn From Artist” by Tim Leberecht he explains many reasons how the two are very similar at the core. He lists many qualities that both posses that are crucial to the core make up of both entrepreneur and artist.

The couple that stands out is passion, storytellers, and ambiguity. People who are starting a business venture or an artist are both passionate about what they do. They are doing it because they believe what they are doing is worth something to them. They have to be able to sacrifice for what it is they are trying to accomplish. Many people will not understand the passion you have to get to or accomplish what is in your mind.

The art of telling stories is beneficial for the entrepreneur and artist. The artist’s job depends on it as does the businessman. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to be able to tell people why your venture is going to be profitable and change the world. You have to be able to relay where your creation started, where it is going and what it is going accomplish.

When you are in creating you are not necessarily sure where everything is going to go. You have an idea. You may have a vision of how everything is going to play out, but you are not sure. The unknown scares people from trying new things. They like to think that everything is nicely kept in little cubicles and they have control of everything. Some people do not take risk are comfortable with the results of a daily, weekly and yearly routine. When you re sometimes creating things do not goal planned, and the results can be nerve-racking but beautiful. The unknown is where creatives thrive.

Entrepreneurs and creatives both also need the grit to prosper there is always going to be distractions and setbacks. In Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED talk about grit is a very enlightening dialogue on what it takes to learn and persevere. The adage that hard work beats talent every time is accurate. Talent can only get you so far because when all the talented meet up the ones that work the hardest are the ones to persevere. There are exceptions to every rule and talent may get you to a place where you are on the top, but that does not mean you will stay there. Dr. Dre was quoted as saying the easiest thing to do is a hit record staying on top is what is hard. Getting back up after all the setback is the grit that they are talking about.

I recently left a job in the foodservice industry. My previous employer came out with a set of core values and grit was one of them. It was for the management staff, and they wanted you to live their motto. To me, it was more about getting us to work harder for their vision. While I know that grit along with their other core values is ideals that would make the company better. In the beginning, they had my grit but eventually, they did not feel my passion, and it faded. They wanted my passion without them giving me theirs. The company became too corporate, and I became a number on a chart.

All of these characteristics are components of what makes a person lead a fruitful life. Entrepreneurs and artist.

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What inspires me

My creative inspiration comes from many artists that shed a light on issues through their art. One quote from Tupac Shakur always stands out to me the most. He says “I’m not going to change the world, but I guarantee will spark the brain that will change the world that is our job.” To me, art is about shedding a spotlight on issues that we need to change. As controversial as Tupac’s music and life were or still are; every album had at least one song with hope. His way of shedding light on issues within the black community but really it can resonate with anyone in the lower social economic level. He encouraged people to change for the better like with his song “I ain’t mad at ya” He was encouraging people to better their situations and for people not to be mad at the people that left the “hood.”








psychologist Daniel J. Levitin shows that the music you listen to at the age of fourteen defines who you are. Needless to say, I listen to a lot of Tupac and rappers like him at that age. They rapped about the social issues that affected minorities or social-economically handicapped families. I have always yearned to make a change in the world. One of the reasons I enlisted, wanted to become a journalist and now create content. You know how sometimes you have thoughts rattling in your head that never quite go away and help you decide some of the life’s major choices. That what Tupac’s message is in my head it’s a persistent reminder that anyone can change the world, you just have to try. It has been a while since I listen to his music but when it comes on I still know all the lyrics.




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