Reading # 3, Design as Noun as Verb

I love that Plato thinks designers and artists are traitors: “Plato’s basic objection to art and technology was that they betray and distort theoretically intelligible forms (‘ideas’)”, Design and Art, edited by Alex Coles, pg 55.

He was so wrong.  In fact, I believe the complete opposite, designers, artists, manufacturers do not betray intelligible ideas, we make them.  Designers and artists improve (hopefully) our lives with their experimentation and curiosity.  Without designers/artists, we might still be in caves sitting on dirt floors in front of a burning fire.  We might still be lugging water jugs from the creek back to our cave or treehouse.  Just think of all the inventions that make our lives much easier…..

As a designer, I like to make functional pieces.  I like to sew, a lot, and that is how I practice my creative muscle.  I am definitely a beginner and need to take more time in the thinking process before I begin a project like the 1000 Objects Project for our class.  But, with every mistake I make, I am closer to not making mistakes.

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