Sequence Inkjet Print

I had a lot of issue with this printout and was unable to get my whole book to print. Only the first two odd pages would print, and the lab assistant at the time could not help me figure it out. In my document, I changed the position of the text on the back cover so that it feels more like an ending, I plan to make the text on the front and back cover a little larger.

Blog Post #11

Part 1

Robert Byrant – Bob talked about his life within games. I had heard this before in Bob’s History of Games class. Bob started as a QA tester and worked his way up, and this will probably be the way I get into the industry as well.

Alexandra Robinson – Alex showed her kid’s photos and at the end her recent work with morse code. I really liked all the morse code work she showed, it was very interesting.

Joe Vitone – I found Joe’s family photos very interesting. I really liked the story behind it all, and that there were people who appeared over multiple years.

Part 2

This semester went pretty well. I enjoyed this seminar. I thought it was good to talk to people about their work.

Blog Post #10

Part 1 

We had Nate and Anne from the team making the indie game Wyldermyth. Nate is their programmer and Anne is their artist. I knew the process for developing a game takes a really long, but they put into perspective how much longer it takes for an indie team to develop their game when they said something you expect to take 3 months could take about five times as long.

Part 2

Why did you begin working as a professor?

Blog Post #9

Part 1

Alejandro Ura – I liked Alejandro’s presentation and his story of his introduction to the gaming industry.

Anthony M. Zubia – I think Anthony’s designs used humor really well. He displayed important information in funny and attention grabbing ways.

Edith Valle – I really liked how Edith had a personal connection to her work. Her work frequently involved around her own culture and it resulted a lot of colorful work.

Part 2

Gameplay Engineer Intern

SXSW Exhibitions Intern

Rooster Teeth Video Editing Intern

Sequence – Nov. 6th

I plan for my book to be in landscape format. I’m going to be putting text on each page, and each line is a different line from multiple Twenty One Pilots songs that I put together to form a short story. Originally, my book was going to be about openness, but after putting the lyrics together I’m making it about hope. The story starts out grim and as pages turn the story turns out hopeful, that is why I decided to have the final page be the sun through the tree branch.

I do not know which of the three fonts to use, but I chose these fonts because I want to go with a handwritten look to make it look slightly like a handwritten letter. I also included examples of what the cover would look like with each font

The pictures in the contact sheet are in the order they would be in the book.

Blog Post #8

Part 1

I thought that Bill’s images were very interesting and liked how most had circles and used a sort of heat map. I liked how Kim conducted her work by actually becoming interested in what she was doing. I liked all of the work everyone has done, it was interesting to see the differences in everyone’s work.

Part 2

After college, I think I would get an entry level job in the game industry. This would most likely be QA testing. I’m not really sure what I actually will end up doing, but I currently would like it to involve video games.

Blog Post #7

  1. My plan for next semester includes taking Foundation of Art and Design or Drawing I, Rhetoric and Composition II, Computing Sciences Concepts I and the lab, Principles of Digital Media and Entertainment, and Spanish II. After that I plan to just continue listening to my academic advisor about which classes to take when. My Interactive Game Studies major will prepare me to work in the game development field. I do not yet know what position in the field I would like, but I am currently leaning towards programmer. If this major does not work out I do not have anything else that realistically could happen and I feel I would be happy doing.
  2. I have considered a minor in Computer Science. This would be beneficial because it would give me more possible career choices and it could help with programming.