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Reflection on Semester & Course I really enjoyed my first full semester as an IGST major. I found the classes very helpful, constructive, and worthwhile towards my growth as a professional adult hoping to hop into the gaming industry. I… Continue Reading →

Post #10

Part 1:  Nate & Anne of Worldwalker Anne from Worldwalker worked for 10 years in industry doing a variety of art work, while Nate had previously worked for Riot Games, and notably contributed to the creation of the character Teemo… Continue Reading →

Post #9

Part 1: Alumni Presenations Alejandro Ura Mr. Ura, who was involved with the gaming industry through Riot Games, works with SXSW now to market, host events, and network with and for the gaming industry, especially here in Austin. I found… Continue Reading →

Post #8

(I was absent from class, so can not write reflections on the speakers. Instead, I did as required and researched another one of my favorite artists.) Dianne Parks Exchange Alley by Dianne Parks      Dianne Parks is a New… Continue Reading →

Post #7

Four Year Degree Plan The IGST Major will help prepare me for a career in the future by giving me the tools I need to create meaningful and believable stories and by training me to use the proper programs and… Continue Reading →

Post #6

Class Skills: My greatest strengths in History of Games include: I take good notes and retain the information well I manage homework time well For greater success in this course, I need to: Stay on top of reading assignments from… Continue Reading →

Post #5

Part 1 During the first senior’s presentation on her photography, really enjoyed looking at her work and liked the description of her focus on a particular theme in her work. I also really liked the second presenter’s work that evolved… Continue Reading →

Post #4

Part 1 The above images were from my Conceptual Photo Project, from my Foundation’s of Art & Design class. The goal of the project was to go through a multi step process of creating a conceptual photograph after reading a… Continue Reading →

Post #3

The Last Of Us The Last Of Us, a game produced by Naughty Dog under the trademark of Sony, is undoubtedly one of the best storytelling and gaming experiences I have ever had. Released during the summer of 2013, the game was met… Continue Reading →

Post #2

Time Tracker: After tracking my use of time for a week, I found that I generally sleep until around 8:30-9AM whether I set an alarm or not. From there, my time is usually booked until the end of the day…. Continue Reading →

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