Part 1

During the first senior’s presentation on her photography, really enjoyed looking at her work and liked the description of her focus on a particular theme in her work. I also really liked the second presenter’s work that evolved the more her professors challenged her in class. I also like that she never really let go of her passion for lighting and her focus on the idea of dreaming. She also mentioned the importance of holding onto and documenting all the work done because it will likely help you in the future, which I found valuable. I enjoyed Hannah King’s talk, but especially when she discussed her typography. I related to her when she mentioned her work being somewhat therapeutic for her. I also liked that she mentioned that for something like typography you really need to look deeper and think a lot about character, meaning, and feel when working. Lastly, I liked the advice given during the IGST presentation. I liked that she told the class it is important to think critically, make connections, create a portfolio, and that there are many different shoes to fill in the industry. I also thought it was neat to hear about the game industry community of Austin.

Part 2

I found this website compelling because the abstract background pulses in and out while changing colors. Starting at the top, the website slides down and gives short descriptions and graphics for each of its sections. I most enjoy the colors of this website.

I enjoy this website because of the contrast in bright colors with the dark background. I also appreciate that it is very clear what the website is for without having to read into it very much, and that there are some relevant images and videos at the bottom of the page.

I like this website because It has a light colored font over a dark background. The website manages to balance pictures and videos with text. The text that is available also brief and to the point, but provides the option to be redirected to a page with more information.

I like how clean this website looks. There is very little text on the screen, and the site largely relies on images to showcase products and inform the viewer, and relies on them to click the titles or images to be redirected and find out more information.