Part 1

The first article, “What entrepreneurs can learn from artists“, discusses the relationship between business and artistry, and explains why some think that the business men and women of the future will be artists. The article then goes on to explain the characteristics of the artists that will become successful business men and women. These qualities include creative thinking, advanced empathy, childlike wonder, storytelling, and great passion.

The second article, “Are Artists Entrepreneurs?“, is about an artist in love with the creativity of film, and how his career as an entrepreneur in the arts has given him the opportunity to examine the pros, cons, similarities, and differences between artists and entrepreneurs.

Artists can learn from entrepreneurs that they may sometimes need to rely on the help of others to bring their dreams to fruition, as well as that if they want to make art and entertainment as a career, then they should take into consideration their intended audience and not only create just for themselves.

I do think that in some aspects, artists are entrepreneurs. The skill required to be able to market themselves and create a work that others will (hopefully) buy into is a strong characteristic of an entrepreneur that artists have and express in different ways.

I agree that all 12 of the characteristics in the first article are those that artists are capable of having. I do think that most artists possess many of them, and are better at some than others, but I do not think that many neccessarially possess them all. I do not, however, think that to be a truly great artist one must have all of these qualities, either.

If I were to add more to the list, I would probably dwell on more characteristics about the understanding of humanity and emotions.

I found the two articles very interesting, as they raise questions and introduce viewpoints that I have never thought to consider myself.

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Part 2

According to the University of Pennsylvania, my grit score is 4.88/5, grittier than at least 90% of the US population. While i’m not sure exactly how my grit would match up to the rest of the country, I do agree with the results that I have a good bit of grit.

To increase my level of grit I could find ways to become more motivated at particular things that I am not totally excited about.