I suppose I could better prepare myself as a maker of aesthetic objects and ideas by attempting to suppress my bias to a certain extent. By doing so modestly, I can retain my creativity while also keeping practicality and objectivity in mind. Also, I can better prepare myself by remembering the purpose of good design: to meet a need and fulfill a task most efficiently and successfully.

One major thing I do to practice my creative muscle is to place restrictions on myself, or new rules that apply only to me, so that I have to work specifically to fulfill my task. For example, in the Circle Book Project, I attempted to create my drawings for the elements and principles using as few circles as possible. Similarly, with the sculpture portion of the Line Project, I forced myself to create a sculpture only with the materials that i had, and not to purchase any new ones. Another major thing I do to practice my creativity is to work repetitively on basics to the point that they start becoming second nature. This allows me more creative leeway to experiment and more time to explore my capabilities when I am always well prepared to try new things.