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I do sometimes become self-conscious of my ideas. When it’s something I care very much about or something I am very confident about, I am much less likely to become self-conscious. Also, if it is a project or piece that… Continue Reading →

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I suppose I could better prepare myself as a maker of aesthetic objects and ideas by attempting to suppress my bias to a certain extent. By doing so modestly, I can retain my creativity while also keeping practicality and objectivity… Continue Reading →

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I think, when I make art, I like to make decisions based on two major criteria: what I think makes sense, and what I personally prefer. Sometimes, however, the two can conflict. When I consider what makes sense, I ask… Continue Reading →

Elements of Art and Principles of Design

Jack Badinger, John Peyton Pou, and Liam Tate Elements of Art: Line- quality (thick, thin, broken), implied line, actual line, linear networks: cross-contours, psychic line, etc. (Jack Badinger) Table, wall, floor Shape- a flattened enclosed area. The boundary of a shape… Continue Reading →

ARTS 1311 Reading Response #1

Personally, I align myself very closely with the viewpoint of Kees Dorst when considering the relationship or differences between artists and designers. The main difference I find between the two is that the designer works through and for others in… Continue Reading →

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