Visual Studies: Gestalt Reflective Essay

I try to take photos people normally wouldn’t have taken and try to visualize them in my own way to see if I could fit or at least create a sense of meaning with the photos. A good example for one of my photos is a shot of a fence in a parking lot of a local church. The fence doesn’t seem to be very effective as it doesn’t completely close the perimeter of the parking lot. As silly as it looks, I view it as a┬ámoral test. The fence serves as a sign saying that the parking lot clearly not meant to trespass┬ábut it also has a large opening for people to walk through freely. It offers anyone a choice whether they should enter the parking lot or don’t.

Another example is the Chase Bank sign. I noticed that the sign only had one letter set alight but the rest were not. It would seem pointless to have all those letters up and only lighting up one of them. But then I thought about life itself and how hardships is a common thing. The Chase bank has probably been going through tough times and business isn’t going their way or their light bulbs went out and simply don’t have the resources to fix them. But they still lit up what light bulbs could work and resume business hours like it seems that they were not willing to give up so easily.


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