5.0 end o semester wrap up

It is extremely important to start with definitions and this will be apart of the idea/brainstorm/research step. One thing I have continuously seen is that if I talk to people inside/outside of my design classes I ALWAYS learn more about the project I am working on. Another important step is to just crank out work. … [Read more…]

Weather Report

For this project, we were given little pieces (video latches) to create a short video of weather in a country of our choosing over a three day weekend. I picked Germany, because my father lived there for six years, and my half brother was born and raised there. There were multiple moving pieces that I … [Read more…]

Visual Identity: Mark

After doing initial research, I was able to create a digital copy to articulate what I think the identity of my space is. My Identity has a central focus around the word Revival. I wanted to find a way to start a new conversation about these old towers. It has become more important to me … [Read more…]

Process Work/Research

I would like to focus on the sound aspect of my research. For this project we needed to create an identity for specific public spaces. I picked the Moon Tower, because even though I was born and raised in Austin, I didn’t know what they were. It was really interesting to create something that wasn’t … [Read more…]

Interface lesson (portfolio app)

This project was different from anything I’ve done before. We were instructed to come up with an app that presented our work within Image methodology. This project was another building block to help us develop the ability to present our work. We also learned how to use After Effects, which will be helpful during my … [Read more…]

Plotter lesson (16 drawings)

This project was centered around learning how to use a plotting machine. It was also centered around creating a clear process and following through with that process. I created rules to utilize throughout 16 different iterations. My rules included: Using an ink pen, scanning in photos of my childhood and continuous line drawing over them … [Read more…]

Zine lesson (truism)

This project was a difficult one. It ultimately helped teach the importance of process, and sticking to one idea. We came up with a truism that could be spread across multiple pages. The Truism I decided on was “The more you lie, the harder it becomes to keep track of the truth”. We took these … [Read more…]

Style lesson (3 photoshoot looks)

This was one of my favorite projects from Image Methodology. It challenged us to identify how style plays a huge role in decisions everyone makes in terms of design and even clothing. We were instructed to read a “preppy manual style guide” that shows what it means to be preppy, and how to look the … [Read more…]

Object lesson (matchbook)

This project was split into three different parts: Research, Matches and Documentation. We were given films to watch and were instructed to focus on one character and identify their style and “objects in their world”. This first phase helps create a base for upcoming projects. Then we took screen shots that we thought best captured … [Read more…]