The Mystery

The zip file contained information for what looked like a schedule, speakers, and universities. I think that we are going to create a layout for a conference. This information reminds me of a conference I went to a couple years in a row for newspaper and yearbook. The logos remind me of the booths that … [Read more…]

Mid-Term Assessment

1.) I work on graphic design work for roughly 15-18 hours a week. More on the weekends than the work week. 324 for the semester and half of that would be 162 for mid semester. I would like to work more on my GDES work. I feel like I could push myself a little harder … [Read more…]

Map Three

Lastly, for this map I came up with the idea to create a flow chart to help someone (based off of my snacks preferences) pick a snack. Instead of just making Icons of the snacks and what decision you would have to make (Ex, Just soft or chewy) I came up with questions that I … [Read more…]

Map Two

For this assignment, I mapped out possible dates that Tony Pierce went on according to the places he went and how much was spent there. I created a time line within 8 months. I also found the average amount spent on a date for a single man according to SinglesinAmerica, and compared it to Tony … [Read more…]

Map One

For this map, I marked the places where my cats go throughout the day. I used three out of the four sign systems described in William Owens essay: Mettapaterns, the Matrix and the Point. Together they show the main places my cats visit (litter box, food bowl, napping places).. I also have little descriptions of … [Read more…]

End Term Assessment Essay

1.) I would say that I spend at least 3-5 hours a day on my graphic design work. I would like to spend more time on it but I have other classes and work. I have actually started getting people to cover my shifts so I can work on school work more, which is really … [Read more…]

Midterm Assessment Essay

  I feel like my expert hours in relationship to my use of practice time has been somewhere between, consistent and uneven, if there even is an in between. Some weeks I feel like all I’m doing is projects for my GDES classes because I’m still learning illustrator. Then some weeks I feel like I’m … [Read more…]

Blog post #12

Kim Garza: Has worked for 14 years as a graphic designer. Teaches internship class ext – “Design is liberal arts for life” -App: Eventurist:Client-FareCompare. Company-Handsome -Came up with different types of apps, came up stories for them….On boarding…. -Rosebud incarnation-REALLY SPOOKY AND COOL Tammie Rubin: Ceramic sculptor…. The real and the imagined -Talks about “managed relationship … [Read more…]