5.0 end o semester wrap up

It is extremely important to start with definitions and this will be apart of the idea/brainstorm/research step. One thing I have continuously seen is that if I talk to people inside/outside of my design classes I ALWAYS learn more about the project I am working on. Another important step is to just crank out work. It’s also a good way to completely flush out an idea, and make sure the end result is what you want it to be, this is easier said then done, but definitely important.

I am very critical of my ideas/ and the work I come up with. This makes the work process extremely hard because I am always doubting myself and it really blocks my creativity. Sometimes this is good, because even if the work I come out with is shit, its never half assed, and I always put a lot of effort into my work. One step to remedy this criticism is just crank out work. I also really need to stop worrying about what people will think of the work i’m doing on the level I do, because it doesn’t help at all. WERK PROCESS-1uaejhl

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