Mid-Term Assessment

1.) I work on graphic design work for roughly 15-18 hours a week. More on the weekends than the work week. 324 for the semester and half of that would be 162 for mid semester. I would like to work more on my GDES work. I feel like I could push myself a little harder to reach more hours.

2.) Sophisticated work is more than work that looks good. Things that make up sophisticated work include a clear process, legible type choice, and how many hours spent on the work. Of course it feels good to have work you like in the end, but in order to develop as a designer I have to learn how to create sophisticated work. Follow the rules to set up a base for my design.

3.) I think learning more after effects will definitely help me grow as a designer. It’s broadening the skill set that I have to be able to make work that can expand further than still design. Now I can make work that moves across the page. Even if i’m not creating a video I have a better idea of how the viewer comes onto the page and where the work carries their eyes. It just adds to the base I need to make sophisticated design.

4.)  I was really nervous to just mess around in after effects. There are so many buttons and there were a few times where I just accidently touched something and it changed my work and I just had to restart. I also had ideas in my head that I couldn’t just get into motion in after effects. I felt like I was struggling to keep up and so I was reluctant to try new things that I thought would add to the design. I also felt like after effects has a lot of restrictions, and makes it hard to go back into your illustrator file to update work.

5.) On a scale of 1-10, 1 being low and 10 being high I would but this at an 8. I really got tired of this project, but it did teach me a lot. The first project that comes to mind that was a 10 was the symbol methodology project. It really helped expand my skills in illustrator and now I love illustrator. I’m still a beginner but it’s definitely one of my favorite programs. I needed to learn solid still design before I could learn after effects. That way if I have an idea in my head I can have a solid place to start. This is similar to after effects, I can now figure out ways to move the things I create in illustrator. Another project that comes to mind is when I was first creating type. This would be on the lower part of the scale, maybe 4 or 5. I know that it is important to start out with things like type, but I didn’t really learn much during this project. I was hoping I would learn specifics about creating type, but instead we just used a program online to just create our own, and mine was awful.

6.) I feel like you give us the tools to help ourselves, and you’re there to answer questions along the way. Being around other students and actually talking to them about the work really helps me understand what it is I’m trying to encapsulate, or create. I feel like I could put more effort. I haven’t been focusing on my work as much as I want to. I think I’m a bit lazy when it comes to putting up my own personal work outside of school. I think that out of 100- you are 40% friends are 15% and I am 45%.


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