Expert Hours Declaration

The only useful advice I ever received from a substitute teacher in high school was this: “treat college like a 9 to 5 job, doesn’t matter if you don’t have classes that whole time, you’re working, whether that be working on assignments or studying or reading, you are on the clock  eight hours a day.”

I also once heard that for every hour in class you should spend three hours working outside of class.


However, in order to get 64 hours in every week, working 8 hours a day, I’d need 8 days. Rather than bend the space time continuum, I think I’ll just exceed that substitute’s advice by one hour and make it a goal to work nine hours every day.

If I apply the math to this course…


…sixteen hours a week spent on work for this course seems doable. Broken down, this means about two and a half hours a day, which I feel like I can commit to.

If I stick to this, I will have completed 112 hours by midterms and 224 hours by finals.

Better get working!

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