Question Reflection by Gerardo Silva

During this academic semester, my Rhetoric and Composition II course has thought me to change the way I perceive rhetoric. Going back to WP1 I’ve really improved on the way I use my terminology in rhetoric. I’ve made a list of seven questions that I’ve revised since WP1 using the skills I’ve picked up over my English course.

  1. Is there a specific audience to aim for on this assignment?

The reason I ask this question and consider important is due to fact that I learned during our course that audience is an important aspect when writing a paper. In order to make your paper attract readers, you have to find a specific audience to aim for. What I learned over this course is that in order to understand a writer’s intentions for their writing you would need to know the audience that they are trying to reach. So for the future of writing my papers I will identify my audience first before starting a paper.

  1. How do previous writing projects relate to this current assignment?

This would be an excellent question to ask because I would ask this to my professor and get a reference to a previous assignment to follow the one I would be currently working on. This would apply to any assignment after the first in any course, so I could have a frame of reference to work with. I’ve done this with WP2 I used the annotated bibliography portion to help me find credible authors for my WP3 research project. Also, it helped with the citation format to be accustomed to citing properly.

  1. Will this research assignment require primary sources?

I ask this question, because before I attended this class I never had to conduct or find my own primary source all my other papers were just secondary sourced. Coming into this class allowed me to finally conduct my own primary source and at first I was a bit skeptical but in the end it was a good experience to finally conduct my own primary research that way I could do it again in the future. Also, I think this question is important to ask a professor before I start another research paper/project.

  1. Do my sources have credible rhetors?

This course also prepared me to be careful when finding credible authors/rhetors, because sometimes you can find articles written by people without a strong background to be able to even make a strong claim in specific source/article. I’ve learned that you always need to do background research on any rhetor of any article you find online. It’s important to find a credible rhetor in order to make the piece of your writing that you are using them as a source to make a more valid argument or significant research. So that is why I ask this question and it was great to know during our research project (WP3).

  1. How can a develop a better eunoia with my audience?

Developing eunoia with my audience is an important part of writing because it helps me understand and form a connection with my audience. Therefore I would ask this to my professor, so I can find better ways to reach my audience and communicate my message in a way that they can understand. An example of my development of eunoia with my audience would be my research paper (WP3) which I aimed to capture the attention of my audience which was parents, teachers, and low-income families by communicating some new to this audience that they might or might not have known. Therefore, that is why I would ask this question.

  1. What is the best way to attract my audience in the beginning of my writing?

I would ask this question to my professor and I think it’s important because I think that the beginning of any paper is important in order to make it interesting and capturing the attention of my readers. In my research paper, I tried capturing my readers by starting off with a hook which I found interest and effective, so I would use the same tactic to pull in my readers to keep them reading.

  1. How can I find an academic article that relates to the exigence of my paper?

This question would be asked towards a librarian because I would be trying to find an article to use as a source to my specific. I feel like this question would be a great to ask and would help me greatly because the librarian would guide me to the right section of the article I could look for to use as a source. I’ve asked this question before to a librarian with my past assignment, which again was my research paper because it involved a lot of research and reading several articles until I could find the right one for my paper. Anyway, I would ask this question again in the future for future research papers to a librarian which I would find effective and specific.

explain why you chose that genre. In turn, you will also describe how your chosen genre affects the outcome

Why a blog post?

The reason I chose to turn WP5 into a blog post is because it made it a lot more personal in my opinion. I could talk about how the newly revised questions are the result of my new found knowledge and experience through this English course. Being a blog post also lets me personalize my assignment with my own personality knowing that I posted it on my website. My chosen genre overall just affects the outcome of this assignment by making it more public since anyone can read it and put their own thoughts/comments into it. This was a rhetoric choice because originally I was going to write a letter but it seemed too private and unnecessary when discussing an experience that I thought I should share with a vast number of people.


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