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Committee Vision

Create and sustain a civil and robust dialogue about the value of diversity and inclusivity within the faculty and staff community.

Definition of Diversity

A diverse faculty and staff community refers to colleagues of varied social identities, abilities, and experiences, with an explicit focus on representation of identities that have been historically underrepresented in academia and oppressed by systems of power and privilege.

Definition of Inclusion

Inclusion is defined as active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with, and empowerment of, individuals of diverse identities and backgrounds within university processes, activities, and decision-making. Inclusion is a practice of valuing and seeking diversity.

Relevance to St. Edward’s University

In accordance with the St. Edward’s University mission, we have a commitment to provide educational opportunities for students of varied cultural, religious, educational, and economic backgrounds. Further, as stated in our Operating Principles, we value the diversity on our campus and make a commitment to understand and promote such diversity. As such, one particularly salient consideration in meeting these university-wide goals is to have a diverse faculty who not only help students to broaden both their national and international perspectives, but also to enhance the possibilities for personal and institutional growth such diversity provides. 


  • Sub-committee on Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Faculty and Staff
  • Sub-committee on Inclusion and Equity Training initiatives

Current and Recent Projects

  • Form a team to identify and recommend best practices to help the university hire, promote and retain diverse faculty and staff.
  • Form a team to identify and recommend the best methods of training and development of employees and leadership on topics of inclusion and equity. Initiate training for leadership this year.

Committee Membership

This is open to any faculty or staff member who wish to volunteer to serve, including non-tenure-track full-time and contingent faculty, though at least five members must be present to constitute a quorum. 

Ways to Get Involved

  • Join the Committee
  • Seek mentorship
  • Promote attention to diversity and inclusion in your coursework and at the departmental, school, and university levels.
  • Suggest diversity and inclusion topics for professional development opportunities.

Current Members

Tim Appignani, Teresa Bilinski, Raychelle Burks, Jason Callahan, Lavanya Elango, Anna Escamilla, Israel Garcia, Teresita Garza, Chris Gerben, Kelly Green, Michael Lykaios Guerrero, Selin Guner, Arcelia Hernandez (co-Chair), Lisa Justin Hernandez, Andrea Holgado (co-Chair), April Hudson, Jennifer Jefferson, Dinah Kinard, Genaro Lopez, Alison Massey, Natacha Martin, Jack Green Musselman, Rachael Neal, Fidelma O’Leary, Lorelei Ortiz, Delia Paskos, Manny Pina, James Puglisi, Michelle Robertson, Michael Saclolo, Magaly Salinas, Gary Slater, Kris Sloan, Santiago Toledo Carrion, Kerrie Taylor, Joi Torres, Darline Turner, Teri Varner, Michael Weston, Jeanetta Williams, Amy Wright


Arcelia Hernandez (Bilingual Education, HDE), arceliah@stedwards.edu
(512) 448-8746

Andrea Holgado (Biological Sciences, NSCI), aholgado@stedwards.edu
(512) 448-1415

Quotes from Members

“Being a member of a group which holds diversity as a value has added to my faculty experience complete.” -Anna Escamilla, Social Work

“This committee holds the important role of ensuring that SEU continues to focus on ways to improve the diversity, inclusion, and equality of the faculty body.” -Kelly E. Green, Psychology

Further Resources

SEU Faculty Diversity, Center for Teaching Excellence:  http://sites.stedwards.edu/diversity/

Diversity and Student Life:  https://www.stedwards.edu/student-life/get-involved/diversity-inclusion

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