Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB works in collaboration with researchers in the St. Edward’s community to ensure that federal standards are met when conducting research with human research participants.

More details:

Membership. The IRB is composed of a minimum of two faculty members from each school for a two-year term, with a minimum of two additional members representing Graduate Programs. Members may be appointed or elected as each school sees fit. May serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. Ex officio non-voting members include the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Director of Institutional Assessment, and one other administrator appointed by the Provost.

Spring 2022 note re: the seats formerly drawn from GPS (which was classified as a school for committee purposes): The current GPS senators will continue serving until their term expires.

Selection and Terms. Appointed or elected by school, two-year term.

High Activity Times. September – May.

Faculty Members.

School Reps
Mary Brantl 2023
BSS Lisa Holleran 2023
Angela Ju 2023
Megan Ringal 2023
Shelbee Nguyen 2023
Cayenne Shpall 2023
MSB Camelia Rotaru 2023
Yundong Huang
NSCI Lauren Mitchell 2023
Paul Walter 2024
Ex Officio Members
OSP Gloria White
IR Alicia Betsinger  or designee
Other TBA