Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate serves as a coordinating body for policy discussions and proposals of interest to the faculty.

Number of Members: One elected representative from each School, eight elected at-large Senators (one of whom is a full-time faculty member in a graduate program), and two contingent faculty representatives. The president is elected for a two-year term by the Assembly. See Faculty Manual for qualifications and other details. Note: In spring 2022, the Senate voted to convert the seat formerly drawn from GPS into a ninth at-large seat after the current GPS senators’ terms expire.

Selection and Terms: Election to staggered two-year terms.
High Activity Times: Monthly meetings during academic year.

Meeting Minutes Archive (Box). 

Faculty Senate President: Jason Callahan 2024


School Reps
AHMX Alex Robinson 2024
BSS Rodrigo Nunes 2023
GPS Cayenne Shpall 2023
MSB Kate Lopez 2023
NSCI Trish Baynham 2023


School Alternates
AHMX Sheila Gordon 2023
BSS Moira Martin 2023
GPS Kerrie Taylor 2023
MSB Fatemah Firouzzi 2023
NSCI Paul Savala 2023


Contingent Faculty Reps and Alternates
Rep Robert “Bob” Ryan 2023
Rep Carol Portillo 2023
Alt Randolph “Randy” Wilt 2023
Alt Leslie Blanke 2023


At Large Faculty Reps and Alternates
At. Lg Amy Clements 2023
At. Lg Ryan Michaels 2024
At. Lg Delia Paskos 2024
At. Lg Mary Brantl 2023
At. Lg Stephanie Martinez 2023
At. Lg Kristy Ballard 2024
At. Lg Carol Gee 2023
At Large Graduate Faculty Rep
Ellen Melton 2024


At Large Alternates

Teri Varner 2024
John Knorr 2023