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Fall 2017



BS2 Draft w/ Final- Ward

Draft – Hidden Figures: How Did It Really Work? Hidden Figures, the film about the three black women who play a huge part in the first trip to space, was a huge hit in theaters, and was a huge hit… Continue Reading →

Ledes and Focus Ward

Find The Focus 1) Quitting your coffee drinking habits, cold turkey, could be the cause for that massive headache, according to The New England Journal of Medicine released today. Those who stop drinking coffee abruptly could feel symptoms of withdrawal… Continue Reading →

Budget Line BS2 – Remington Ward

SCIPOPSERIES- Raychelle Burks is leading a series of talks covering pop culture meets science, from everything to Game of Thrones, to discussing who has more power between zombies and vampires. The series will be held on St. Edward’s University Campus… Continue Reading →

BS1 Remington Ward

[View the story “Austin Museum Day 2017” on Storify]

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