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Fall 2017



BS2 Final Draft- Swiney

This is my final draft! Erika Andiola- Undocumented and Unafraid With more than 800,000 people in danger of deportation starting next March, Erika Andiola set out to do more than just inform the students of St. Edward’s University about immigration… Continue Reading →

Ledes Swiney

Find the Focus a. Effects of caffeine withdrawal include: headaches, depression, anxiety, and fatigue, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study. These symptoms may be widespread, even affecting people who drink less than three cups a day. b…. Continue Reading →

Budget-line BS2 Hannah Swiney

Common Theme Talk: Erika Andiola. St. Edwards is hosting Erika as a part of their Common Theme Talks on Immigration. She will be talking about her experiences as an undocumented immigrant and the work she does to fight for human… Continue Reading →

BS1 Hannah Swiney

[View the story “Austin Museum Day 2017” on Storify]

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