St. Edward’s Variety Show as a Harvey relief effort

Talented members of the St. Edward’s University community gathered together gathered together is redundant to participate in the Harvey relief Variety Show organized by the Wicked problems LLC.

The Variety Show took place on Monday, October 2nd on Oct. 2 (AP Style for dates: Look it up in your Stylebook) at Jones Auditorium, and those who attended were able to view a variety of performances ranging from poetry reading to dance routines. Over 100 students checked in to the event, according to Jen Dennington, the general manager of the event.

Put quotes in their own paragraphs “That doesn’t include any parents, friends, staff, or faculty that go here” she explains explained, and she estimates that over 200 people attended the Variety Show. Write news in the past tense.

Upon entering the auditorium guests were greeted with helpful staff who guided them to free snacks and the donation table. One staff member, Emma McGee, shared said that her home town was personally affected by Hurricane Harvey, which prompted her participation in the event.

Put quote in their own paragraphs: “I really wanted to show my support by not only helping out with setting up for the show but also participating in it.” use “said” not “shared that” or anything else. Also, don’t back into this quote. Write a transition (it should be the paragraph before you quote. Then quote her.

Emma guided me Keep yourself out of the story! to the donation table, which allowed what allowed? the table allowed guests to donate? the guests to donate to four organizations, including the Red Cross, Catholic Communities of Galveston Houston, The San Antonio Humane Society, and the Coastal Bend Food Bank. You could also just donate to the cause in general,which would also go to the charities as well. No first person in newswriting. Take yourself out of the story.

Once everyone was seated and settled in the auditorium, the show began with an introduction of the charities and a moment of silence for those affected by not only Harvey, but the Las Vegas shooting. The main organizer, Steven Fletcher, who is? title? spoke about the importance of supporting the victims and the appreciation he had for the audience helping contribute.

The variety show raised over 2,000 dollars Look up AP Style for prices/money, reaching the goal of the LLC, said Dennington. When asked what her favorite part of the night was,she shares that it was when the song Hallelujah was performed. “Everyone was singing and harmonizing and I was up in the light booth tearing up. It really showed this whole night how much of a community we are and how we can come together in really tough times.” Again, write a transition. Then your next paragraph is the quote that follows from that transition.