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Exploring the Wonders of Texas Coast and Aransas National Wildlife Park: A Journey into Biodiversity Conservation

It was a crisp morning on the Texas coast, with the sun just starting to peek over the horizon. We were on a mission to discover the wonders of this magnificent region and our first stop was at the pier… Continue Reading →

Water Quality Protection Lands and the Edward’s Aquifer

On a cold but sunny and breezy day, we toured a conservation easement property to learn more about the management practices and projects that Dr. Kevin Theusen oversaw with priorities to Austin water quality. He was a fantastic educator of… Continue Reading →

Pond Restoration at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

The WIld Basin Wilderness Preserve was created as a direct result of the expansion of Highway 360 to protect the unique habitat of the Texas Hill Country. As a part of the much larger Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, Wild Basin focuses… Continue Reading →

“Most of my co-workers are trees” -Trevor Rice

  (Photo taken by Beckett Postiglione 1/27/2023) Trevor Rice explaining the history of the Wild Basin Nature Preserve to the class on a chilly Friday morning. Having grown up in North Austin, I’ve always been familiar with the Wild Basin… Continue Reading →

Wild Basin Stewardship and Land Management Intern Experience

I have been the Stewardship and Land Management Intern at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve since September 2022. I work directly with the preserve manager, Trevor Rice. His role is to help manage the land, including on and off trail work,… Continue Reading →

Save Trees – Save Earth: Earth Day 2022

Importance of Trees in Urban Areas Carbon Sequestration Trees play a crucial role in sequestering carbon that is released into the atmosphere. Through photosynthesis, trees take up carbon dioxide and convert it into organic matter, which is then stored for… Continue Reading →

Setting up our class research project at Blunn Creek

This week, in my ENSP 4349 – Environmental and Ecological Field Methods class, we started a research project at Blunn Creek Preserve to test differences in ecosystem characteristics in invaded versus native-dominated forests.  Like other green spaces in Austin, Blunn… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life at Waller Creek

Field trip to Waller Creek, downtown Austin.   Waller Creek is a thin, urban riparian ecosystem that meanders from the northern part of Austin southward through UT campus and along the eastern edge of the downtown area before it meets… Continue Reading →

PARD- Blunn Creek Nature Preserve

  ” In nature we leave a footprint of our existence, but in us Nature becomes our existence” -Clarissa Mae This semester there have been a series of field trips and excursions, all surrounding similar topics. November 27, 2018, marked… Continue Reading →

Spicewood Ranch field trip

       On Nov. 9, our class took a field trip out to the Spicewood Ranch in, you guessed it, Spicewood, TX. The ranch is owned by Chris Harte, a local Austinite (who doesn’t own a car), and managed… Continue Reading →

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