Sophomore Portfolio Review

    Highlights and Critical Assessment



Throughout my graphic design student career I have been challenged by different projects that have involved different components and themes of design. I believe that I am developing a better understanding of images and their role in communication in different situations. 

I think my formation of type and understanding of typology has also improved. In my matchbook, I explored many different typefaces that would evoke …Within one of the critiques, my classmates noted the disagreement of the type angle with the image. I took this and worked on making it so the type fit with the image more seamlessly. In my truism zine, I also furthered my exploration of type within a printed sequence. I expanded the type form and tried to exaggerate and amplify the image of the type itself. I worked on understanding composition of a page more, as well as the process of manipulating letterform.

The concept of distributing design as a communicator of information is also a major idea that I have begun to learn and experience. The Weather project involved the development of process, conceptual work, and taking design into the dimension of time. I believe through each of these projects I have strengthened my ability to think more deeply and conceptually, and translate these ideas through design.

Design involves many areas of thinking, and requires time, thoroughness, process, multi-faceted understandings of concepts, imagination and attention to detail. One issue I have is with confidence of my ability to produce things that are interesting, effective and sophisticated.  What I am beginning to realize is that confidence ultimately arises through experience, and that worrying/waiting will not accomplish  things, but trying and experimenting and chasing ideas will lead to improvement, growth, excitement and fulfillment. I have a lot of areas that I need to work on, and through making sure that I actually jump in, take chances, reflect, and work on them I hope to improve, create more, and maintain my path as a design student.

Links to featured highlighted projects:

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