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Economics at St. Edward's University

Why study economics?

There are many excellent reasons to major (or minor) in economics at St. Edward’s:

The major is available as either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Business Administration.  Candidates for the BA have many credit hours open for exploration of other fields of study; candidates for the BBA receive the practical preparation of the business core curriculum, common to all business majors.

Economics is excellent preparation for law school as well as other areas of graduate study, including business and public policy.

An understanding of economics will serve you well in any business career, and is particularly useful in many areas of consulting, government, and banking.  Critical thinking and quantitative skills, central to the study of economics, are highly valued on the job market.

Economics is focused on how things work in the real world.  Students have many opportunities to think and talk about the economic issues, problems, and controversies we all confront every day.

Economics courses are taught from a global perspective and introduce points of view both inside and outside the mainstream of economic thought.

All economics faculty at St. Edward’s have PhDs.  In addition to being dedicated to teaching, faculty members are all actively engaged in economics research.  Students learn the economic way of thinking from teachers who are themselves involved in new and original economic thinking.

The economics program at St. Edward’s is intellectually rigorous without being intensely mathematical. We use mathematics only insofar as it is necessary to understand economic concepts.

The department offers a wide selection of electives.

Economics overlaps with and complements many other fields of study, including philosophy, political science, sociology, marketing, finance, psychology, and history.  As part of a double major or major-minor combination, economics broadens your understanding of these fields in addition to providing powerful insight in its own right.

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