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Economics at St. Edward's University


Degree plans can be found here.  For current course offerings, see the course schedule.

Major requirements:

2301: Microeconomic Principles
2302: Macroeconomic Principles
3301: Microeconomic Theory
3302: Macroeconomic Theory

Multiple sections of the principles courses are offered every semester.  The theory courses are each offered once a year, 3301 in the fall and 3302 in the spring.


3303: American Economic History
3321: Economics of Latin America
3323: Industrial Organization
3325: Business Applications of Economics
3333: Money & Banking
3334: Law & Economics
3336: International Trade & Finance
3338: Economy of China
3399: Special Topics in Economics
4327: Econometrics
4340: Regional Economics
4341: Labor Economics
4344: Economics of Development
4346: History of Economic Thought
4347: Managerial Economics
4348: Public Finance

Not all electives are offered every year, but the majority are offered at least once in any two-year period.

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