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Economics at St. Edward's University


A solid understanding of economics opens up many career opportunities.  Here is a sampling of the roles economists play:

  • Industry: analysis of market data, understanding trends, evaluating strategy
  • Banking: managing risk, forecasting
  • Government: advising on regulation, taxation, and the effects of government programs and policies
  • Consulting: antitrust, litigation, firm strategy and management

Ph.D. economists may be involved in any of the above, as well as teaching and academic research.  Other areas of graduate study that can be related to economics are business, policy, and law.  Your department faculty are always happy to talk to you about graduate school.

Below are some links you may find useful while exploring careers or searching for a job.

Job Openings for Economists: These listings are mainly directed toward Ph.D. economists, but they will give you a better idea of the different kinds of opportunities available.

Government (and quasi-government) organizations:

Private sector:

General job search engines:

Plus an eminently worthwhile job for any major: Teach for America

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