Reading Response #4

I am most often self-conscious of my ideas. It’s many a time that I believe I have a great one, but when I share it with my friends it seems to fall apart and I feel an idiot, but I continue to appreciate my idea.

I highly appreciate the nothing to lose attitude. I believe going all in is one of the most powerful things you can do, and surely rewarding. You may be shocked, however, at how much you did in fact have to lose, but you may also shocked to notice how little you had to lose. Like much art, it deals with perspective.

Art #2

  1.  I more and more do not rely on thought before decision. I try to flow my decisions, not hesitate them, or block them, that leads to bad decisions.
  2. A centered person can feel if something is working or “good” and I can do that.
  3. I usually oppose reworking. If something doesn’t work it is easiest for me to start over again. A reworking process is unreasonably confusing for me.

Art Reading 1

I believe design is when creativity is weaponized to develop a certain outcome, whereas with art, the outcome is more subjective with possibility, it’s the production that is most important.

Me? I am certainly a designer, but I love to let loose as well. This must be because of my passion for outcomes, I love them unconditionally.

Blog Post #12

Hey, sorry, totally forgot about this post because of Thanksgiving, Thanks for giving me a second chance!

Anyway, this class blows; hardly learned anything. I WILL say that some people’s art work were entertaining, but that’s it. Just pictures that will sometimes entertain you isn’t enough reason to make a mandatory class for me to sit through.

Blog Post #11

Hollis Someone – Holly, you ARE SOOOOO COOOL. I love your work. You genuinely impress me with your artistic comprehension of chaos and destruction. I’d like totally hire you to help me make a game, like if I have a destroyed city and I need someone to design the rubble… that’s you Holly… that’s you.

Alexandra Robinson – no idea

Tammie Rubin – Her work seemed kinda b*tchy. The whole concept of, “I want my spectators to want to touch my work – to feel my work – but not be able to.” I hate teases. That’s so mean! Aside from that criticism some of her works… I would like to buy.

Bill Kennedy – BILLY!!! I didn’t know you had it in you! Your art and even the concept behind it is SOOOOOO beautiful. I love trying to figure out the original picture based off the one I’m presented and the title.

Joe Vitone – Kinda bored me. Nothing about his work fascinated me. Just black and white pictures (the worst kind).




5-Year Plan:

I need internships to be considered valuable to the video game industry. I’d prefer internships with companies I respect because the idea of having to voluntarily work for free SHAKES MY FOUNDATIONS. A despicable concept. If I’m lucky, I’ll be considered valuable enough to be employed as an intern for Rooster Teeth (located in Austin!).

Blog Post #10

Dude! Last presentation was TOTES fantastic! Right up my %$@#ing alley, bro!

SO these presenters were from Spacetime founded in 2005. They developed Pocket Legends in 2010. They focus on MMOs.

One interesting thing I learned is all that stuff about Excel being a big part of a game designer life! (fursure)

QUESTION: Are there any, like, secrets rooms on campus??

Blog Post #9

Look, believe it or not I pay attention in class, but I don’t take notes. You never tell me to take notes. I’m not going to take notes. PRESENTATIONS IN YOUR CLASS ARE NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO TAKE NOTES. I have not only no response to the presentation, but I also don’t have a memory.

This isn’t a company I know very much but it’d be a good to have experience at such a prestigious company.

This is a company I respect very much and would be ecstatic to gain experience here as an intern.

I don’t know this company or care.

Blog Post #8

My future isn’t too up to me. I’ve decided that if I was too have a “job” job, I’d produce video games. If that doesn’t work out I’ll just deliver pizzas my whole life.

If I could travel abroad I’d go to a dope-ass place like India or Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greenland, or maybe just Canada. Probably Ireland. Always wanted to see that beautiful place, adopt that beautiful accent… I’m a fan of the Irish.

I am not part of a student group. That said, I’d like to be part of an archery club or a club that organized hacky-sack sessions. Those are activities I’d be interested in.

Blog Post #7

Let’s start with a second look at the prompt:

Based on the notes you took during class, write a brief description and response to each of the Alumni presentations.

Possible points to discuss:

  1. Who did you most relate to? and why?
  2. Who surprised you? and why?
  3. What was the most valuable piece of advice you heard today?

So you never told us to take notes (I’ve asked around to make sure), so consider it your fault that this blog post won’t be based on any notes. However, I think I can answer the points above, so I’ll do that.

I generally have trouble relating to people I’ve only ever met watching a presentation they gave (I don’t know, I must be weird). However i was surprised multiple times by the story of the first presenter, generally around how she found success in starting a business off her senior project. It was a cool idea, I support it. Lastly, advice stopped being valuable to me when I turned 18.


Blog Post #6

For each class ask yourself the following:

  1. My greatest strengths in English include: Being able to articulate myself and make each word valuable.
  2. For greater success in this course, I need to: Ask more questions in class
  3. My greatest strengths in Topics in Gaming include: My ability to care and my insatiable curiosity
  4. For greater success in this course, I need to: Care more
  5. My greatest strengths in Comic Class include: An interest in comic culture and my ability to not take life too seriously
  6. For greater success in this course, I need to: To contribute more thought to the assignments
  7. My greatest strengths in World Religion include: A lack of knowledge of religions and a drive to know more
  8. For greater success in this course, I need to: Read more of the readings.
  9. My greatest strengths in Visual Studies include: Having friends in the class and Hollis’ intense levels of chill
  10. For greater success in this course, I need to: … you tell me

Computer skills:

  1. My computer skills include: A basic understanding of programming and everything less.
  2. I still need to learn: More advanced programming and how to hack at a novice level.

Research & writing skills:

  1. My greatest strengths as a researcher/writer include: I’m very articulate, and good at writing and things and whatever… im over it.
  2. I need to work on these aspects of research and writing: God, I’m perfect at writing and research.
  3. I learn best & accomplish most when: Don’t procrastinate.


Choose one class that you are struggling with or are not doing as well as you could.
Now make a list of 10 ways you could improve your performance in this class.

Apparently I have a 46.9% in visual studies and I have no idea why. I got a zero on blog post #2 and I did it perfectly. Given, it was a late submission, but that’s only because I keep forgetting the assignments need actual submission, not just posting. Please review the grade and reconsider.

-Pay attention


-Pay less attention

-I don’t care

-This class will never help me

-Just impede my ability to succeed

-I’m not gonnna do 10

-10 was an absurdly thoughtless number to assign