Highlighted Work

The work that stands out to me the most is GES II: Visual Identity and Image Meth: Plotter Lesson. I believe these are my strongest pieces of work because I created a strict set of guidelines and rules and followed them. This helped me create a clear goal, in which kept the final products to look and feel cohesive.

The Barton Springs Pool rebranding is important because it taught me how to refine over and over to get to the final product that reflected the theme.

The Plotter Lesson is an important step in taking my art to the next level. I combined old and new design technology to create a cohesive piece. I used my knowledge of graphic design to create a design to send to the plotter to print. Then I used an technique from Intaglio Printmaking called chine-colle.

Advanced Type: Weather Report

This project allowed me to better understand how to take data and organize it. It shows designers the many different ways to lay out data. This was important to because it made me realize that there is not always only one, most effective way to lay out data. In fact sometimes to have many different layouts help the viewer to analyze it all more effectively. Ability to find the best way to articulate many points of data in a aesthetically pleasing way, is an essential aspect of being a designer.

GDES II: Visual Identity Mark

This rebranded mark for Barton Springs Pool works off the assumption that the people of Austin do not enjoy being around free-thinking individuals, rather would prefer at their social lives to closely simulate their fast-passed corporate work environment. To achieve a design that emulates this attitude, one must fully understand the goal of the rebranding and use this goal to help stimulate the art.

GDES II: Process Work

Barton Springs Description

Located near the center of Austin in Zilker Park, Barton Springs is the undeniable heart of the city. In the summer, when temperatures consistently rise over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the whole city gathers at the shores of the great, old pool, where the water remains a chilly and perpetual 68 degrees.

Long before Barton Springs Pool was built, the springs were considered sacred and were used for purification rituals by the Tonkawa Native American tribe who inhabited the area.

In 1837, soon after incorporation of the city of Austin, William Barton (“Uncle Billy”),  settled the area. William Barton named the three separate springs after his three daughters: Parthenia, Eliza, and Zenobia. He recognized the springs value as a tourist attraction, and promoted it vigorously, thus leading to the swimming hole’s lasting popularity.

Barton Springs was rich with history and culture, but can we still say the same now? In resent years, Austin has become the idea city for every hippie, anarchist, and hipster in the United States. This influx of liberals and libertarians have wreaked havoc on the city. And at the heart of the city, Barton Springs, it has spread like cancer.

No place is safe on Barton Springs Blvd from these these pseudo-hippie. The street is riddled with craft beer restaurants, exotic food trucks, kava bars, and the most disgusting juice bar. The only restaurant with an eatable menu is Whataburger. But it is in extreme danger. The restaurant directly next to to it is a family owned burger shack with an old-fashioned menu from the 1950s. This is absurd that small business owners can take away from the backbone of this country, fast food chains.

Once inside the gates, all you can hear is inaudible screeching of a didgeridoo, and people singing Kumbaya. Then when you start looking around, you can see every full sleeve of inappropriate tattoos, every fake pair of glasses, and every man with a beard down to his chest.

I think the only part of Barton Springs that is appealing is when your back is turned to it and walking in the direction of your car. This once historical site is now being used for millennia’s to do nothing but lay on their backs. Although Barton Springs can be perceived as one of the most corrupted places in Austin, it is worth saving. Once we can get all of these open-minded hipsters out, it will become prime real-estate for large vacation homes and gated communities.

This land is perfect for new housing projects. This location is the best fit for the Austin Oil and Gas Country Club. When we get all those lazy hippies and hipsters out, we can rejuvenate this area and restore the Texas legacy to Austin.



This writing is important in creating a conceptual wireframe to construct the motives behind the rebranding of Barton Spring Pool. This writing used a satirical approach how the public feels about Barton Springs. From here is how I create the direction of a cooperate rebranding of the pool.

Image Meth: Potter Lesson

My set of plotter designs are an investigation of a single drawing method or technique with a single drawing utensil type, developed across 16 iterations. Each drawing develops aesthetics as result of a clearly defined, methodical process. This methodical process is created form two types of squares. The first type of square has lines running from bottom left to top right, and the other has lines running from bottom right to top left. The next rule to this methodical process is that I must chine-colle kitta-kata paper on the lone 2×2 square.

Image Meth: Zine Lesson

This truism originated from my grandpa (Ito). He has came from nothing and has lived a very successful life. This saying can be applied to all facets in life. If you want to be a better person, just practice. If you want to work harder, just practice. You can do anything with enough practice. For me this perfectly encapsulates the big idea from the project. Through practice and more practice I am able perfect the craft of creating chromatic type and producing a well crafted zine.

Image Meth: Style Lesson

This photoshoot explores the the rules and guidelines to preppy and boho style. In the images from the series, the combination of these two styles to create a new and unique style. This photoshoot makes me better understand how and where style originates. Although there are strict rules in style, it can be very obscure. This allows the designer room to be creative and innovative.

Image Meth: Object Lesson

The design of this matchbox is to fit seamlessly into the movie Her, directed by Spike Jonze. The reason for choosing this movie to make a matchbox is because the iconology, image methodology and color scheme has a very distinct feel and look throughout the movie. This allows the designer to analyze visual cues in the film to effectively create a matchbox that one might find at the main character’s work.

GDES I: Cognitive Map

This placemat helps the Elwood Alehouse customer decide what type of beer they want. In beer selection there are many different factors that go into selecting a beer that the customer will enjoy. The three categories of factors are beer style, IBU (bitterness of beer), and ABV (alcohol by volume). To create a design that helps the customer navigate this difficult decision I start with beer style because beers within the style typically have similar tastes and alcohol percentages. This placemat also can be used as a spin the bottle type game to determine a beer style if the customer does not have a preference.