Advanced Type Midterm

1) Expert Hours

– How much this week — 20

– At mid-term — 240

– At semester — 480

– At graduation — 2,500 — this is strictly design and if I stay on the same course. I think this number is much lower because it is not taking into account past summer freelancing and future internships. I also believe that in coming years I will be putting more time into classes because they will become more demanding.

2) Definition of “sophisticated” work

My definition has defiantly changed. I have been looking at a lot more well known design groups and designers. From viewing the work I have had a better understanding of what “sophisticated” work.

The Weather Report project this semester has made my portfolio more “sophisticated” as well. I have been able to really explore and learn how motion graphics can elevate the caliber  of work and I have been able to implement this design strategy into my jobs.

3) Connection of prior knowledge and new lessons

The connection I have found is vastly in organization. Many adobe programs (Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier) require extensive organization to be able to produce clean designs along with doing it in appropriate amounts of time. I have found the same to be true in AfterEffects.

4) Clarity

I feel that I clearly understood the project. I just need to do some more research and practice into masks in AfterEffects.

5) Level of Value

This project can be compared to two other projects. The first is the Portfolio App animation and the other is an animation I did for my job at Student Life to promote an event on social media. I believe this project can be ranked my two criteria. First, aesthetic of the design. I believe the Portfolio App ranked highest, then the Weather Report, following up with the Student Life project. The second criteria in my opinion is how technically sound the design is. For this criteria the Weather Report ranks first, then the Student Life project, ending with the Portfolio App. The Wether Report I kept the timing the same throughout the piece so it would feel concise. I think this makes a big difference for the viewer to feel that multiply spreads in the animation feel seamless.

6) Growth Pie

I think in this course I could have brought more. I worked almost exclusively outside of class because I am not very productive in class. I fell I could gain more from classmates but at the same time I have other designers that I bounce ideas of and ask for criticism from.  

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