Critical Assessment

The work that stands out to me the most is GES II: Visual Identity, Image Meth: Plotter Lesson and GDES I: Artifact Map. I believe these are my strongest pieces of work because I created a strict set of guidelines and rules and followed them. This helped me create a clear goal, in which kept the final products to look and feel cohesive.

The Barton Springs Pool rebranding is important because it taught me how to refine over and over to get to the final product that reflected the theme.

The Plotter Lesson is an important step in taking my art to the next level. I combined old and new design technology to create a cohesive piece. I used my knowledge of graphic design to create a design to send to the plotter to print. Then I used an technique from Intaglio Printmaking called chine-colle.

The Artifact Map is important because it demonstrates my knowledge of the Apple IOS platform. To make this project feel like it can fit into the Apple platform, it must conform to strict guidelines. This can make it challenging to at first, but it is also a great opportunity to demonstrate one’s ability to work within confines while still being creative.

These projects have helped me grow as an artist and designer. The value of these projects is that they lifted me up to the next level of design. These projects required a strong conceptual framework. This has been essential to my growth as an artist both inside and outside of the classroom.