Advanced Type Midterm

1) Expert Hours

– How much this week — 20

– At mid-term — 240

– At semester — 480

– At graduation — 2,500 — this is strictly design and if I stay on the same course. I think this number is much lower because it is not taking into account past summer freelancing and future internships. I also believe that in coming years I will be putting more time into classes because they will become more demanding.

2) Definition of “sophisticated” work

My definition has defiantly changed. I have been looking at a lot more well known design groups and designers. From viewing the work I have had a better understanding of what “sophisticated” work.

The Weather Report project this semester has made my portfolio more “sophisticated” as well. I have been able to really explore and learn how motion graphics can elevate the caliber  of work and I have been able to implement this design strategy into my jobs.

3) Connection of prior knowledge and new lessons

The connection I have found is vastly in organization. Many adobe programs (Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier) require extensive organization to be able to produce clean designs along with doing it in appropriate amounts of time. I have found the same to be true in AfterEffects.

4) Clarity

I feel that I clearly understood the project. I just need to do some more research and practice into masks in AfterEffects.

5) Level of Value

This project can be compared to two other projects. The first is the Portfolio App animation and the other is an animation I did for my job at Student Life to promote an event on social media. I believe this project can be ranked my two criteria. First, aesthetic of the design. I believe the Portfolio App ranked highest, then the Weather Report, following up with the Student Life project. The second criteria in my opinion is how technically sound the design is. For this criteria the Weather Report ranks first, then the Student Life project, ending with the Portfolio App. The Wether Report I kept the timing the same throughout the piece so it would feel concise. I think this makes a big difference for the viewer to feel that multiply spreads in the animation feel seamless.

6) Growth Pie

I think in this course I could have brought more. I worked almost exclusively outside of class because I am not very productive in class. I fell I could gain more from classmates but at the same time I have other designers that I bounce ideas of and ask for criticism from.  

GDES-2313 Semester Reflection

I think the only time the amount of practice time per week would be considered excessive is if it get in the way of other obligations. Balance is very important to have in any area of ones life. I would say less than 3-4 hours per project would be considered not enough. I would say on average I spend anywhere between 15 to 30 hours a week on artwork. I know that is a big range but it really does vary that much dependent on many different factors, such as: amount of work I need to do, when artwork is due, and how motivated I am.

I would say “sophisticated” work would be considered artwork that clearly communicates the given message and do it in a way that is simplistic and innovative. This answer can be used for some forms of art but is mostly catered to the designs for our map project. I would say that my first map (GreenBelt Map) has sophisticated elements in there. The app design emulates features that one would see on an iPhone model app. It also is displayed in a manor that is visually appealing.  mocup

Some meaningful feedback I got on my maps is that I needed to change some icons in the ‘trailz’ map app. I went in and made those corrections. I also felt that my ‘Spin the Bottle’ map would look good displayed rather than thrown into a template like my ‘trailz’ map. I need to edit the  ‘Spin the Bottle’ map before I photograph it, its a bit busy as is.

The biggest challenge I encountered was creating the ‘Spin the Bottle’ map layout. I would research different methods of laying out information for this map. I ran into the challenge of emulating viewed design decisions without copying them. The most enjoyable part of the process what when I finished the ‘tralz’ map and viewed in on my phone.

I worked at Student Life this semester doing design work. I also was in an Intaglio class. And I also worked as a designer for my dad’s company.

I think my life outside of school impacted my school work very little.  I have been able to balance school work, being with friends, and being alone pretty well this semester.

The ideal classroom environment feels like a place I can get work done but also have a laugh / good conversation with my classmates next to me. With this being said, I did not do this in our class. At that point of the day I just wanted to put my headphones in and work on my project alone. Unfortunately I feel like I was
unable to play a big role in this ideal vision. I need to make a better effort to connect with my fellow designers.

“Trailz” Map App Design


This map design was created for mobil devices. I branded the map app “Trailz: outdoor activity guide”. This app would allow you to select a location and search different activites to do. After you search for your activity, it will show you where on the trail these activites can be found.

Tony Pierce Information Map


This information map tracks where Tony Pierce taveled and for how long he was in each location. This map was formulated based on Tony Pierce’s expenses from the past 12 months.

To obtain the nessesary information for this map, I had to though his expenses and identify which where Tony bought goods. Based on the location of his purchases, I was able to determine where Tony was and how long he stayed at each location.

GDES 1, Midtern

Practice Time:

I would say my practice time is pretty consistent. Between this class and work I spend anywhere between 3-7 house a day working on design work. I can typically design my original idea fairly quickly. I end up working so much longer on the design because I get caught up in the process. I end up making so many different variations and go on multiply different tangents until I finally make a design I am satisfied with. I also spend a good amount of my free times on BeHance, an adobe social media platform for designers, illustrators, photographers, etc.

Aside from design work I consistently host an “Arts and Drafts” night at my home a couple times a month. This allows me times to do hands on art outside of my Intaglio class. I also like it to corrupt my friends minds to create art!

Sophistication of work:

I would say at this moment in my design career my working is starting to get more technically sound. Unfortunately at work their is less of a chance to push the envelope when it comes to context of the art. When I was in high school I did a lot of research for my projects to inform the art. I working on a series of posters that depicted different social injustices. The majority focused on environmental problems so that took a lot of research to correctly depict the posts topic.

In my Intaglio class I have been doing a lot of research on different Intaglio artist. This has better informed my work thus far. The internet has been a good source of inspiration but I went to the Goya exhibit at the Blanton and that has helped inspire me a lot.


The feed back I get in class has been useful. I really enjoy seeing others designs to inspire me to do things differently. In my image meth class on the other had, I feel as though we haven’t been pushed and the critiques lack structure and feedback greatly.

I find at work the feed back I get is very useful. Even if I do not agree with the feedback it teaches me to not get to attached to my designs and not to take it as a personal attack.

Expert Experiences:

I feel that I have banked a good amount of expert experiences. I have been designing for my high school event since the end of Junior year. Even if the designs didn’t get picked it feel I gained a good foundations at that point of my career.

During my senior year to the present I have been freelancing for my dads print and promotional company. It started off as just laying out business cards and simple signs. Now I am at the point were he intrust me to do large scale projects such as brochures and packaging designs.

Last year I worked at Campus Ministry as a designer both semesters. I worked a little over 10 hours a week. I gained a really good understanding of how to work with clients and my coworkers in a work environment.

I am currently working at Student Life as a Designer and have loved the experience thus fare. I have been given a lot more freedom and larger scale designs. The atmosphere is even more strict when it comes to how Student Life wants there designs to be (in the technical aspect).


My emotion development has been great. In the past year I have been almost always happy and energized to work on design work.


I really enjoy the climate of your class. I do not treat us as subordinates in the class. I feel like I have a different perspective of how a good classroom environment should be. I am excited to come to class and gain new insight. I also like how we have many soft critiques to help us along the way.

Visu 1100 01Post 9

Part 1:

Lynne Cravens

Loved how she kept records from Freshman year to now. I also really liked hearing about the background of all her work because it showed what it meant to her.

Miranda Petrosky

I really liked to hear from her because I am also a graphic design major. She talked about how start up companies need new logos and designs and it would be great to be a part of branding a company like that. I do not look forward to creating a design and it not be used like how she talked about.

Dustin Meyer

He had great advise. He talked about how making you own business is not impossible but a tone of work. Also you must love what you do so you can make your work the best it possibly can. People will want you because it reaches that certain standard.

Part 2:



Arts 1311 Shelter Reflection

1. How did your group approach the concept of shelter?  Was it successful? Why

We approached our concept of a shelter as a safe place out in nature where one can escape the everyday world. It was successful because we made it out of sticks and leaves.

2. What was the group budget for the project? Where did you source your materials and how did they cost?

We had a $30 dollar budget. We did not spend any money on the project. We found pallets for the ground and 4×4 wood posts for the shell. The sticks and leaves we gathered in nature.

3. Was the workload equal? Explain.

The work load was equal. We went to search for wood together, built it together, and enjoyed it together.

4. What was the strength that you added to the group, your weakness?

My strength was that I knew how to use power tools and how to make the shelter structurally sound.

5. What role did you find you played in the group dynamic?

I feel like we both acted as leaders and both created the idea.

6. What advice would you give to the next group that must complete this project?

Be flexible with your ideas. Our best ideas were improved.


Visu 1100 01 Post 10

Man_EditThis image was for an Arts-1311 project. I had 100 images with this matchbox in the image. This is my favorite of the 100 images because of the composition of the image.

Save_EarthThis print was made on my own time for fun. I craved the design out of a rubber slab and then pressed it on a very grainy paper. I used these colors to create an earthy and fall look to the leaf.

Visu 1100 01 Post 11

Part 1: Based on the notes you took during class, write a brief description and response to each of the Faculty presentations.


I really connected with Tuan’s work because I aspire to be a graphic designer. I also love his use of hand printed work.


Hollis is interested in memories and not everything is what it seems. Her hand drawings are fantastic and I love the smaller scale ones the best. I really appreciate how she draws then erases to create smoke effect and idea of what once was. She brings out her inner child in her work, and its great.


Bill has had a long life of commercial photography. He worked for RollingStones Magazine, Times and many others. In his summers he would go to New Mexico an found inspiration in nature. He would take pictures of ordinary objects and then take them apart to the most basic part of it. It creates a very abstract looking image.

Part 2: Create a 5-year plan. What are your long term goals beyond college? What do you need to do to accomplish those goals?

After college I should not have too much debt, therefor I plan to buy a van and travel around the west coast selling my art. I want to sell prints that I make on the go. I want to do this for a year. After this I plan to work with a design company to gain experience. I am not sure if my ultimate path will lead to graphic design or print making, but I’m excited to explore these options. To accomplish these goals I will take as much print making classes as I can and will continue to major in graphic design.

Visu 1100-01 Blog Post 12

Part 1: Based on the notes you took during class, write a brief description and response to each of the Faculty presentations.


Kim Garza teaches graphic design and some animation classes. She says Liberal arts is for life, when practicing graphic design. You must constantly research different tops to make a successful design. She most recently has designed an app and is making a movie with her husband.


Tammy Rubin teaches ceramics and is a practicing artist. She finds plastics and makes them into molds. From these molds she then fits different pieces together to create an abstract design.


James Sherin is a Photo teacher and went to grad school at UT. His art has an abstract feel to it. He likes to use long exposure and takes pictures of everyday material.

Part 2: Reflection on this semester and course. Feel free to write any and all comments here. We want and appreciate your feedback (both positive and critical).

This class was beneficial because we got to hear practicing artist share there life’s experience. This will help us all find ways to be successful in what ever field we go into. The environment of the class was very upbeat and fun. The dynamic of all the teachers together made it very entertaining to be apart of the class.