It feels like Austin gets bigger and bigger every day, yet it really is so small. As Austin grows and becomes the “Silicon Hills” — a tech epicenter in the South, one more central than we’ve seen before — Austin feels different. It has lost its “Keep Austin Weird”, it feels like, almost entirely. Brand new buildings spring up as more tech companies and startups call Austin home, and local businesses that struggle to find new and recurring clients either leave the town they call home or shut down business entirely. Small businesses remain with their part of “Old Austin” status, but who knows about these when brand-new and high-end becomes the norm? Austin, with its multiple universities and companies offering benefits that are too hard to resist, is becoming a place that is moreso for those who are moving in — not for those who have been there all along. The Eastside faces change, downtown faces change, the “78704” faces change — and its happening fast. Say “Hello” to New Austin.