If you’ve ever been to Austin, heard of Austin, or seen a flyer for the city, you’d know that this is the live music capital of the world. Live music can be found anywhere, any day, in any season, in multiple ven-ues and performing multiple genres. We host several festivals, and dozens of world tours. It’s a vital part of Austin’s identity. But something no one really thinks about, as they might be visiting Austin for the first time, walking through the streets looking for the next local band or Willie Nelson impersonator, are the food spots.

Amy’s Ice Creams, and Summer Moon Cafe. These are only two eateries that started out as tiny holes in the walls, and have since become huge chains and icons for the city. They weren’t founded by multiple billionaires. They’re not central to a hub of world-famous chefs, and they’re not in cities on the international map. But now we can’t imagine Austin without them.

“How Austin Eats“ will be a documentary that will follow these restaurants in their current state throughout the city. Austin is a city of entrepreneurs. Restaurants are one of the most unstable businesses to go into, most lasting less than a year. And yet, right now, there are dozens of restaurants in Austin that started out as tiny food trucks or shacks, that are huge chains and famous throughout the city and country. I want to capture these places at the height of their fame, with lines out the doors on an average weekday lunchtime. People buy their t-shirts and wear them out. How did it become like this? Do people realise the fame of the places they go when they’re rushing to get food? Each of these.