Graphic Design Final

I think that 20+ hours of practice time per week is excessive for us students considering we have other classes which takes up a lot of time. I think that less than 10 hours a week wouldn’t be enough time to create sophisticated work. I definitely do more than 10 hours I think that I am between 15-25 hours a week. Sometimes I think I spend too much time on my graphic design classes and not enough on my other business classes.

Next level designs of my work would have better designed backgrounds. I would maybe create a graphic for “downtown” and “residential” areas. I would just add more graphics to my physical maps. For my graph maps I would include more descriptions I think that I maybe added too many graphics and not enough words. I would also add a well thought out background. I like my decision map, it has that “childish, J-14” look that I like.

That I needed more graphics for some of my maps, which I agree with, but at the time I didn’t know what graphics to insert.

Making graphics that weren’t overly complicated but then portrayed what I was trying to communicate was the hardest part.  I had trouble deciding what to choose to do for the graph maps. It was the gathering information and displaying it that was really hard. The easiest part was doing the food graphics because I tried to pick simple foods to make.

I am in New Waves and I have to make posters for upcoming events that we are hosting. I also got asked by a concert promoter to create a poster for an upcoming show here in Austin. I am nervous about making this poster because they are a real company and I don’t want to disappoint.

I am constantly traveling on the weekend and I am really busy outside of school and sometimes I don’t have enough times to complete my projects to the highest standard.

I think the most ideal classroom environment would be a classroom where everyone interacts and actively participates in discussions. Being a part of a class means participating and being prepared for what is planned in class. I think that I always voiced my opinion in class and participated a lot in class discussions.


graphic Design mid term

Graphic Design is my minor but it is something that I am passionate about and am really enjoying so Im glad I found it even though I am a junior I feel like I’m a little behind but can catch up. I am in New Waves on campus and am gaining practice time through that. I got in because I submitted work that I did outside of class and spent time learning new techniques to make appealing posters. I am majoring in Digital Media Management and I am taking a class that is called Interactive technologies where we are learning about Creative Cloud which is also teaching me new techniques that I am applying to class.

I think my work really progressed because at first I struggled with the non-objectives and with cleaning up my designs. I think I managed to make sufficient vinyls for this project because I was able to scale back what I was doing abut still managed to convey my message without it being too literal.

I have dealt with feedback well. Without it my work would have just been too literal. I scrapped my designs and now you don’t see just waves or a palm tree up there. I managed to make vinyls that aren’t so childish like they were looking like in the beginning.

I challenge myself a lot because this is something that I really enjoy doing not like the other business classes I have to take. I much rather be in my minor classes than my major classes and I am constantly finding myself doing this work rather than studying for an economics test.

I am not sure if I have other expert experiences. I am just trying to better my skills here so that in my other classes I am able to make better projects because I am able to combine the skills I learn here to the skills I am learning in my other class.

I am going through stuff with my dad right now. He has health issues that just came up this weekend so I am trying to stay focused even though I feel that I am not. That is why my vinyl was done late and why this is done late too (sorry) I usually don’t really struggle with things like this, I am a junior and Ive done pretty good so far, but just like my Junior year in high school I feel that I am going to have a tough Junior year of college.  I also have to keep it together because I have younger siblings and have to make sure they don’t worry about my dad. My mom works for immigration and has peoples lives in her hands and now has my dad who is also waiting to see if he’ll get passed this or not. So I am feeling the struggle for the first time since being in college but I am trying to stay focused because I am so close to the end and don’t want my grades to suffer because of this.

I participate a lot in class and feel that I do contribute to the class climate in a positive way.