Advanced Typography – Final Assessment

adv typ-final assessment-2fyyhll Design Decisions: This map is a basic overview of the process I, and maybe other designers go throiugh when creating something. If you notice, my map highlights critiquing and having deadlines as critical components of the design project. At the very beginning of a project, I brainstorm. I usually start with pen … [Read more…]

GDES II – Visual Identity: Mark

I walked in to work on this project excited to start branding, packaging, creating.. but I quickly learned that it takes so much more than just making things that I think are well executed. Designers cannot always design things that he or she likes. Designers need to establish an audience, a persona, and a user in order … [Read more…]

GDES II – Process Work/Research

I have heard a lot of people complain about the brainstorming and the process work, but I think it is sort of the fun part. Brainstorming is where the magic happens. Research is where the exciting ideas emerge and where I often break the creative block. This Graphic Design II class has taught me how to … [Read more…]

Advanced Typography – Weather Report

Learning how to use a new program such as AfterEffects is time-consuming and often frustrating. I realized in within the scope of the past project that attention to detail is so vital as a designer so one cannot be a successful designer without understanding how to be aware of detail. Last semester I missed a … [Read more…]

Image Methodology – Zine

This was the first zine that I had ever created. The final outcome does need improvements, but by analyzing the mistakes I made during this project I feel confident that I am now better equipped to create more successful zines.

Final Assessment of GDES I, Fall 2016

Carmen Viloria Tuan Phan GDES I 11 December 2016 Final Assessment I think that no much is too much work, and therefore I always think that I haven’t done enough by the end of each week! Building a good project, or a good portfolio, starts with hard and time consuming work. This project was definitely … [Read more…]