Adv Type – Midterm Assessment SP 17

Carmen Viloria Adv type Tuan Phan midterm assessment Your mid semester conversation* with me will be about your blog post composed of seven paragraphs (the seventh paragraph being on tumblr). Where appropriate pls show image examples to support your prose….

Type Specimen Poster- Type I

Type Specimen Poster- Type I

Final Assessment of GDES I, Fall 2016

Carmen Viloria Tuan Phan GDES I 11 December 2016 Final Assessment I think that no much is too much work, and therefore I always think that I haven’t done enough by the end of each week! Building a good project,…

GDES I: Map 0I Personal Geography, Map 02 Visualizing Information, Map03 Decisions Decisions

Map 01 Personal Geography Map 02 Visualizing Info Map 03- Decisions

Mid Term Assessment- GDES I

Carmen Viloria Tuan Phan GDES I 17 October 2016 Mid Term Assessment My journey as a young designer, and artist, has been a challenging yet inspiring one thus far. I have come to realize that this is a challenging field…

Foundations of Art and Design: What is the purpose of a designer? What is the purpose of an artist? Can both really exist?

I grew up wanting to be an artist, at least that’s what I always thought was the perfect name for me. I still see myself as an artist and just as equally, a designer. Recently, I’ve been trying to decipher…

VISU-1311-04 End-term assessment

write a blog reflection containing 6 paragraphs: 1) about what changed within yourself from mid semester till now via expert hours. At the beginning of the semester I honestly did not put in as much effort as a should have….

VISU 1100-01 Extra Blog Post

VISU 1100-01 Extra Blog Post

Romain Laurent, a photographer currently working in New York City, is originally from France. He studied product design at the National School of Applied Arts in Paris, but soon realized photography was better suiting for his interests and form of…

VISU-1100-01 Blog Post #12

Part 1: (was not at alumni presentations, will submit an extra blog post) Part 2: Reflection on this semester and course. Feel free to write any and all comments here. We want and appreciate your feedback (both positive and critical). This…

VISU 1100-01 Extra Blog Post

VISU 1100-01 Extra Blog Post

Faig Ahmed is a contemporary artist who carries much interest and respect for tradition. He is very expressive in stressing the importance of our past as a human race altogether. Ahmed’s work is inspired by traditions, and history; he uses rugs as…

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