Advanced Typography – Final Assessment

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Design Decisions: This map is a basic overview of the process I, and maybe other designers go throiugh when creating something. If you notice, my map highlights critiquing and having deadlines as critical components of the design project.

At the very beginning of a project, I brainstorm. I usually start with pen and paper because I find that that is the best way to translate the ideas floating in my head into a physical form. Then, I start working from there. I narrow things down, I pick out the things that are working, and I create scenarios in order to find the most meaningful ideas which could potentially become a meaningful project.

I like to narrow things down so that I am not overwhemled with content, but that doesn’t mean that having a lot of content is bad. It means that I narrow down the idea I think is the best, but that idea genreally has the most content to work with (if that makes sense)…

After i decide on a so a called “plan of action” in which I will begin to work on my idea, I dedicate time to creating as much as I can. I set up personal deadlines during which I take a step back to observe what I have created thus far. This always helps me point out things that I would’ve missed if I hadn’t taken a take back to observe my work. Then, I fix the problems I see, keep brainstorming on how to keep improving, and I keep working. I repeat this action several times until I reach a final product (or the final deadline).

after I make something, I always reflect on the thing I mad, and how I made that thing. I reflect on the process work and I branstorm on the things I did that helped me create and I notice the things that slowed me down. This way, I will be better equipped to take on projects in the future and hopefully progress a designer; this way, I can keep on improving with every project.


I tend to be critical about myself, about my work, and about the decisions I make. I was raised this way, and I like that about myself. If I were not critical about the decisions I make on daily basis, then I don’t think that I would be progressing as an individual, as a student, and as a designer. I have big dreams and high hopes and I believe that by being critical, I will achieve those personal goals.

In high school, I thought I wanted to be an artist because I thought painting and drawing were the only things that I was and could be good at, but boy was I wrong. When I got to college, I started to show interest in design, graphic design in particular, and I somehow ended up at the GDES program here at St. Edward’s. Right now, I am trying to learn as much as I can about graphic design, and work to be the best graphic designer I can be. I have also started to teach myself how to code (HTML and CSS) because I believe that this will make me a better designer and will give me a more competitive edge during future job searches. I have been attending several workshops, keynote presentations, computer science club meetings so that I can get a feel of the playing field when it comes to coding. I have learned a lot be doing so, and now I feel that I am finally starting to get somewhere on my “coding journey.” I have a goal to meet this summer, and that is to create my own website so that I can develop it into a portfolio; by the fall semester, I want to use this website that I would have potentially created to apply for internships.

This past semester I have worked really hard on my levels of productivity, and specifically, that is what I have been most critical about. I have tried to set up strict, personal goals on a daily, and weekly basis in order to push myself to be more productive. In many ways, I have seen a rise in my productivity, and I have procrastinated much less; I hope to keep this going. I have big personal deadlines to meet during this upcoming summer, but I have high hopes.

Conclusively, I have been critical in staying constantly committed to my daily to-do lists and plans of action on the weekly basis because I felt that that was my biggest flaw as a design student: I was very unorganized. I am working on being more organized by being more productive and I have definitely seen and felt improvements in my work and in my daily life.

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